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Posted by on July 31, 2018


When it comes to choosing a preschool, most parents and guardians find it to be a challenging task. There are several preschool around, and it can a hard task to distinguish a reputable one from the rest. As a parent you need to select for your child a preschool that will give your child the foundation they require before they enroll for primary school. Well, with the factors below your search for a reputable preschool does not have not be a hard task.


First, it is important to check the location of the preschool. Go for a preschool that is located close to where you live. You can search on the internet for preschools that are in your area. It is convenient for your child and you, when your child goes to a preschool close to your premises. In the morning you don’t have to worry about the child been late for school due to traffic.


The fee structure is another factor you should consider when selecting christian preschool. The fee structure varies from one preschool to another. You can ask for quotes from different schools then compare. It is important to check if the fees is inclusive of lunch, transport and other extra curriculum activities. Go for a school that has a fee structure that you can comfortably afford. It would be embarrassing and inconvenient for the child to miss school due to unfinished school balance.


It is important to also check if the preschool has been licensed. Most schools will have the license well displayed in the administrative office. Also, check the qualifications of the teacher, ensure the teachers have the necessary qualifications, skills and experience. It is important to check the teacher student ratio, avoid preschool that have crowded classes, the teacher will not be able to have ample time with each student.


Another thing you should check it’s the school philosophy. Go for a school that has philosophies that you believe in. If you are looking for a school that follows the Christian teachings, go for a Christian preschool.


In addition, check the facilities that the school has. Ensure the preschool has appropriate facilities to create a good learning environment. It is important to visit the preschool before you enroll you child and inspect.


It is important to also do your research on the school. Go to the internet and read reviews from other parents. Also, ask the preschool to give you their references.


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