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Posted by on August 22, 2018

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Technology brings the aroma of beauty only if the system functions. There is a need to have both software and hardware match in their performance. Otherwise, it would be a costly affair. In order to avoid the perennial problem associated with chasing paper in an endless cycle, which often takes a long time to achieve. To learn more about Printing Solutions,  click this service. The project could be reached fast and efficiently, but very often will reach a point of sluggishness during the printing stage. Printing can be slow at times given the size of the project. Slowness can be due to the resolution of high setting, the issue with memory capacity or drivers in use.
The solution to such slowness is reviewing the images of the high resolution. The images in this resolution will cause the printing to go slow. If not having a particular look into normal mode for office, quality of gallery or draft selected. Formal pieces or presentation can be reset to high quality. It would be advisable to increase the memory if the files in use are large particularly if the images are complex. The drivers are known to determine the outcome of the speed. During the workflow, it will be unavoidable to have a paper jam during the process. During such malfunction, it is best to go back to the guider or instruction control panel, to get out of such a mess. With the advent of video, manuals will provide visible assistance to clear such paper jam. Many a time the jam during printing is due to poor inspection of the path the paper goes through. Misalignment of paper will definitely cause a paper jam. To learn more about Printing Solutions, view here. Misfeed the printer will make paper to get jammed within the rollers. Repositioning of the rollers will help in removing and paper that has jammed. Checking the tray sometimes too will get to the root cause of paper jam, check when it has jammed.
As they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words. The printer could be in a perfect working condition but the end product would bring a halt to the happiness of the production. Poor quality, smudges, faded printouts will reduce the quality of work and present a document that initially was meant to be in the best final stage. Even the best-documented project will give a wrong impression and unwarranted perception of unprofessionalism and sloppiness. To diagnosis, check on drivers of the print to ascertain that the quality of printing paper was of the type required to use in such a printer. It is important to double check on paper in the tray if it is the recommended one and if it will work with the type drivers in the printer. Check on the fuser, that are normally adjustable and will comply to the laser printer in use. Fusers are sensitive to workload. If the workload has been over time try and exercise patience to let the fuser cool before resuming. It is important to regularly check the content of toner in the cartridges. If the amount of toner is low, the printing will produce faintly printed work. Additional toner will be recommended to adjust the tone of print. Smudginess often is due to the worn out of the roller. Replacement will do. Learn more from


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