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Posted by on May 17, 2018

One of the equipment which is used for preventing falls from a roof is the anchor point. It is a secure attachment point for lanyards, lifelines or deceleration devices. An anchorage can support more weight, and that will depend on the number of individuals who are attached to it. An anchor point can be a truss, beam, floor or a column. Any working site needs to have an expert in place to see to it that everyone is protected and the rules set are being followed. The competent person needs to have training on inspecting fall-arrest equipment like vertical and horizontal lifelines.

Another equipment is known as a lanyard, and it is a rope made either of steel or nylon, and it is suitable to be used for supporting one person. Besides lanyard, there is also a lifeline, and this is a rope which has been suspended vertically with one end of the rope linked to a motionless object. A lifeline can support a significant weight, and it ensures the safety of the workers. There are different types of lifelines, and one of them is a retractable lifeline. This is a lifeline which permits free travel without slacking, but it will lock instantly when a fall starts. While using these retractable lifelines, the horizontal movement needs to be limited.

There is the safety harness which is an accepted design of straps that can be secured on a worker’s body and secure the important body parts such as waist, pelvis, thighs, chest and also shoulders – click safety railing. The static line is a rope or cable which runs either vertically or horizontally depending on the object provides a means of traveling between those two objects and at the same time maintaining fall protection between the objects. Rope grabs are utilized when vertical movement is needed.

For fall elimination to be successful, the initial step which needs to be taken is assessing the workplace during the engineering stages and planning stages. The aim of the evaluation is to remove any chances of fall hazards. During the assessment period, you will not only know the hazards that need to be eliminated but also know the different approaches that you will use at the site so that you can enhance productivity from the workers. You can then go ahead and address all possible falls during the early stages. For instance, the site can be designed in such a way that there is anchorage that will secure all fall-arrest systems that have been provided at specific locations in the entire project. Check out roof fall protection systems.

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