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Posted by on November 9, 2018

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which is the activity of improving a certain website for search engines or having the best investment website design so that it will rank higher in search results. When the website is ranked higher, it will become more visible to potential visitors to that page. This link will discuss the importance of SEO in digital marketing.

SEO is fundamental part of digital marketing. Digital marketing is a broad marketing technique that includes various marketing tact. It is a marketing tact designed to promote goods, services or a brand using digital technology. Social media optimization is the perfect example of this digital technology. Digital marketing is not only about selling and buying of merchandise but it is also a source of interaction, entertainment, news and exposure of customers towards particular brands. In this modern era with booming technology, everybody is moving towards digital marketing. The new evolving techniques of digital marketing is beneficial in keeping your business above all of your competitors.

SEO will take your website to higher positions of visibility. Thus, you have a competitive edge. It is responsible for increasing the visibility, conversion rate, return on investment and user traffic for your website. A website that has been ranked well is gets more exposure to users. SEO involves two different kinds of strategies to increase the number of visitors to your page, which include on page optimization and off page optimization. Ranking of a website is determined by SEO factor that is highly affected by changing in search engines. On page optimization, is all about the activities that will make the website friendly to search engines. On the other hand, off page optimization about building links and promoting the website.

SEO is less expensive than PC or other techniques of marketing. It is a service with a fixed pay that is given by an agency appropriately. Rather than using email marketing and smo techniques, there is need for SEO for the ranking of your website and driving of more user traffic to your web page.

Mobile phones are becoming indispensable in the contemporary era making it a crucial factor in digital marketing. Search engines like Google regard mobile searches as main content for search engine ranking. As such, mobile SEO is made a larger factor in SEO technique by this shift. In conclusion, SEO assists in collection of more return on investment. Good ranking of your website in search engines will attract visitors to your website and in the process, the conversion rate increases. A high conversion rate will increase the return on investment.

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