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Posted by on March 3, 2019

In general, much more is said about the female orgasm than the male. Tricks so that they reach the climax, how to make them really enjoy, what they think while they practice sex, why they pretend and how they do it.


The truth is that women enjoy fewer orgasms than men – in particular, 61.6% compared to 85.5% – and there are even those who, unfortunately, have never had them. Getting them to arrive becomes a kind of biblical feat that, among other things, leaves the male orgasm at the height of the bitumen as if it were something very simple. Error! It also has its intricacies and what is behind it is much more complex than you imagine, says best sexologist in Delhi, India.

The best orgasms are during sex

“Although masturbation is very fun, maximum pleasure is achieved when you are having sex with another person,” explains sexologist in Delhi, India. After having an orgasm, both men and women release a hormone called prolactin that makes us feel good, rested, satisfied and happy. But, did you know that when we reach the climax while having sex with another person, up to 400% more is released? Of course, we talk about another league much more pleasant than onanism.

They are unlimited

Although the period between having an orgasm and being able to have a new erection varies a lot between one man and another, it turns out that some say they only need to wait about three minutes in order to be ready again. They are not supermen, this ability can be trained and improve over time, says sexologist doctor in Delhi. Save your excuses because the male orgasm is not limited!

Orgasm is not ejaculation

Most people think that male orgasms are when they ejaculate. This is usually the case, but not necessarily. In reality, ejaculation can occur after reaching the climax and even not occur. A man can have an orgasm and have not expelled semen: “Men who reach orgasm without ejaculating have the potential to reach uninterrupted climaxes,” explains top sexologist in Delhi, India.

Men can have multiple orgasms

Yes. Seriously. Although female multiorgasm is much more common, men can get it if they try hard and practice often.

In addition to the hard work -and well advised, that no one is born known- we have to get used to the idea that many of those who enjoy during the act will not be ejaculatory but pleasant. “The key to achieving repetitive orgasms in men is to reach climax without ejaculating,” sex specialist in Delhi adds. The good news: there are several techniques to achieve it. ”

75% of men reach orgasm within two minutes or less of having started to masturbate

A remedy for headache

By having an orgasm we release a lot of endorphins that, in addition to making us feel euphoric, block pain. According to a recent study, those people who had sex despite having some migraine ensured that after reaching orgasm “the pain had disappeared or had been significantly reduced,” explains sexologist in South Delhi. Come on, we can go banishing the excuse of ‘ not tonight, it hurts my head’ because getting down to work would really solve that discomfort.

The speed of semen

Semen is expelled much faster than we think. The average speed of male ejaculation is 45 kilometers per hour, so it is advised by the best sex doctor in Delhi to warn the other person so that he is prevented from being shot and avoiding uncomfortable accidents. Exactly, we’re talking about oral sex.

Yes, they can be taken in two minutes (or less)

A recent study by Masters and Johnson – a pioneering research team in studies on the nature of the human sexual response and the diagnosis and treatment of sexual disorders and related dysfunctions – revealed that 75% of men achieve orgasm at two minutes or less than having started to masturbate. If it is solo, perfect, everyone who organizes their time and leisure time as best suits them, but early ejaculation can be a real problem during sex.

“Among professionals of sexology has not yet reached any agreement on the time below which a man should be considered premature ejaculator”, explains sexologist in West Delhi, mostly because the greater or lesser delay to ejaculate it is variable even within the same person and depends on the moment, on tiredness, on one’s desire, on how the person feels … But let us not be alarmed that the little capacity for endurance has a solution: “There are certain techniques aimed at the progressive recognition of Pre-ejaculatory sensations that can help (always with the guidance of a sexologist) to improve the ejaculation time “, recommends sexologist in North Delhi.

Your orgasms are shorter

“Finally, a little justice in the world!” Exclaims sexologist in East Delhi. And the reason to be happy does not lack. As we commented, men tend to reach orgasm more easily than women and there are few occasions when they stay halfway. So what less that, to achieve it, the pleasure lasts a few seconds more in them. However, the intensity and duration of the euphoria can vary greatly among people, regardless of gender.

Men have a G spot

Exactly the same as women, men have erogenous zones that, if stimulated properly, can produce much more intense orgasms. In case you did not know of its existence, it is convenient to know that the male G-spot is at a depth of about 5 centimeters inside the anus and you can locate it because you will notice a small lump as big as a walnut. Go, let’s end the fears, taboos, and prejudices of the heterosexual years. What are you missing the key to pleasure!


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