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Posted by on April 28, 2019

Sex is one of life’s most exciting topics. Moreover, sex is not only fun but is still healthy – and so healthy that some doctors even prescribe it downright. Three to four times a week is highly recommended – said the sexologist in Delhi.


The more sex, the more health

At the University of Bristol in the UK, a long-term study was carried out with the participation of 1000 male volunteers aged 45-59.

The study went over a period of ten years. The result of the study can be summarized in one sentence:

The more sex someone has, the healthier the person is.

Sex is healthy – even without a partner

And who worries about his health now, because he just has no partner for sex, of course, does not have to do without the health effects of sex.

Masturbation here means the solution because alone you can have fun – and with high health benefits.

Yes, even sexual fantasies are already healthy. You do not even have to go to action, instead, you can close your eyes, sit back with relish and indulge in exciting daydreams.

Men, however, prefer to keep their eyes open – for a good reason.

Sexual fantasies

If a man sees an – in his opinion – an attractive woman, his brain becomes active, especially the so-called reward system. So he feels rewarded when looking at the woman in a way (for whatever). With pure head cinema, he does not manage that – in contrast to the woman.

A special magnetic resonance examination has shown that the nucleus accumbens (an area in the forebrain, the “reward system”) has increased activity as soon as a woman appears in the field of vision of the man who likes it. If he does not like it, nothing happens in the male body, at least nothing that would not happen without a woman.

The conversation or a flirtation with a – in the opinion of the man – appealing woman leads the man to a physical reaction since he is now already less focused on the content of the conversation and has long been devoted to sexual fantasies. His brain produces in this situation increasingly the so-called LH (luteinizing hormone), sexologist doctor in Delhi explained.

The LH stimulates testosterone formation in the testes. So if you want to increase your testosterone level, you do not have to do anything more than enjoy illustrations or movies.

The practical side effect of an elevated testosterone level is increased fat burning.

At the same time, the fat cells now produce more leptin, a messenger substance that gives a sense of satiety. Sex makes you slim and attractive, says sex doctor in Delhi.

Sex and muscles

However, testosterone is not just a slimming product. Testosterone is instrumental in building muscle.

Thus, sex offers a great opportunity to promote muscle building without any hormonal action and thus without side effects. Because sex not only provides the hormones needed for muscle building but of course also the necessary muscle stimulation in the form of rhythmic movement.

Even the erection alone – for example during a flirt – is incredibly healthy and desirable. Because every erection finally brings fresh blood into the erectile tissue. The penis becomes stiff. However, frequent stiffening trains the penis, which further improves erectile function, says the best sexologist in Delhi.

No sex without kisses

If you are still thinking of pure romance while kissing, that is long since outdated – at least in health apostolic circles. There you kiss not only for the sake of love but also for the sake of health.

Kissing promotes saliva production – and good saliva production clearly has health benefits.

The saliva produced during kissing, for example, is very rich in type A immunoglobulins. These are the body’s own antibodies of the immune system, which fight many pathogens but are said to have a particularly intensive effect on, for example, carries bacteria.

Saliva also has the task of mineralizing the tooth enamel. Therefore, of course, measures that promote the salivation, for dental health to be very helpful.

The increased production of saliva also lasts longer after kissing.

Kissing can, therefore, lead to beautiful teeth.

Give time during sex

When it comes to intensive kissing and tender foreplay to the physical union is known that a quick gratification of the man rather undesirable – unless he is a bad lover.

However, sex only has health benefits if it is not just a few seconds, but lasts at least twenty minutes because only now the production of the messenger substance, dopamine is stimulated and also noticeable. Dopamine causes an intensive and lasting stress reduction, so that sex is not in vain among the measures of holistic stress management, says sex specialist in Delhi.

Well, you are, if you think after the lovemaking, it has been a maximum of ten minutes and the clock shows you that it is two hours later.

The release of endorphins also increases with the duration of sexual activity. These are opium-like substances that not only make you feel good, but also make you forget about the pain, and they are especially effective against headache and joint pain, says sex specialist doctor in Delhi.

It is therefore not recommended to avoid sex in all circumstances if you have a headache. Sex is clearly healthier than aspirin. Insist on headaches urgently to sexual indulgence! Your partner will be thrilled!

Sex improves your prostate health

The seminal fluid of the man is produced to about 30 percent in the prostate (prostate gland). Upon reaching a sexual climax, the wall muscles of the prostate contract and the seminal fluid is pumped into the urethra.

If the man suffers from inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis), now each ejaculation promotes the flushing out of infectious germs from the lower urinary and seminal channels. Thus, each ejaculation serves the cleaning of the prostate.

So that the flushed out germs cannot penetrate into the vagina of the woman, the use of condoms is indicated in a corresponding infection of the male, suggests the best sex doctor in Delhi.

Sex without a condom is healthier

However, if men and women are healthy in every respect and condoms are not required or desirable for reasons of contraception, condoms should be better avoided. Sex without condoms is healthier – especially for the woman, says top sexologist in Delhi.

Sperm contains psychotropic substances that can increase the woman’s happiness in good sex.

These substances apparently act in this way both vaginal and oral intake.

Sex instead of sleeping pills

After sex, especially the man often shows a strong tendency to fast falling asleep. Responsible for this is the hormone oxytocin, which is a natural and intense sleep aid. It allows most men to fall into a deep sleep preferably two to three minutes after sex.

So, if you can usually only fall asleep with a sleeping aid, ask your wife/girlfriend if she does not want to spare you the side effects of the sleep-promoting medication and wants to have sex with you instead. Surely she will be overjoyed, especially if she has a headache at the same time.

And if you think you are already too old for sex. Then you were wrong! While sex in old age often has very different needs and priorities than at a young age. But sex can still be tingling and beautiful even in old age, suggests the best sexologist in India.

So that sex really works

Of course, it can also be that you would love to have sex in order to benefit from its health benefits, but sex unfortunately only or not at all works well for you or your partner.

In addition to consistent pelvic floor training, certain purely natural dietary supplements suggested by sexologist in India can be very helpful here and have an extremely positive effect on potency and libido.

The amino acid Arginine belongs to it, also Maca or Capsaicin.

The vital mushroom Cordyceps is here, however, a special candidate under the potency and libido-increasing natural means.

Namely, Cordyceps promotes libido and potency on several levels and has therefore served as an indispensable support for polygamous men living in ancient China, in order to satisfy all their wives.

The Cordyceps medicinal mushroom promotes, for example, the circulation in the penis, which of course is the desired erection very accommodating. In addition, the Cordyceps mushroom increases the semen quality and has a positive effect on the hormone balance.


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