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Posted by on June 3, 2020

Women are not alone in having a doctor for their genitals. Men can also consult a specialist in the matter: the sexologist in Delhi. Men consult it for various reasons, but most often, a consultation with sexologist doctor in Delhi results from a problem of erection, ejaculation or fertility within the couple. This is how the first consultation with the best sexologist in Delhi takes place.

What is sexologist?

The top sexologist in Delhi is for the man what the gynecologist is for the woman. On the other hand, consultations with the sex doctor in Delhi remain much less frequent for a man than consultations with the gynecologist for a woman.

Sexology is a relatively recent medical specialty grouping several male pathologies such as erectile dysfunctionejaculation problems, andropause (the male equivalent of menopause) and infertility.

Sexology took a long time to develop, because men saw research related to their sexuality as attack on their virility.

Why consult sexologist?

It is advisable to consult sex specialist in Delhi once a year from the age of 40, but very few men do so, ignoring or refusing their sexual problems, or preferring to consult their general practitioner first. The latter can then refer the patient to sexologist in South Delhi.

The erectile dysfunction is the first cause of consultation in the sexologist clinic in Delhi, as 25% of men suffer or will suffer from erectile dysfunction during their lifetime. The sexologist also receives men suffering from ejaculation disorders such as premature ejaculation.

The absence of ejaculation or delayed ejaculation can also lead to consult sexologist in East Delhi. Finally, men consult sexologist in the event of infertility problems within their couple.


How does a first consultation with the sexologist take place?

Depending on the problem for which a man is brought to consult sexologist in West Delhi, the consultation will be oriented differently. In the case of erection or ejaculation disorder, the first consultation will essentially be used to seek medical causes for the problems encountered.

As part of a difficulty in conceiving a child, the sexologist in Delhi will perform a spermogram and a spermocytogram allowing to find a suitable treatment or to orient the couple towards medically assisted procreation techniques.

Several intimate questions will also be asked of the couple, namely how long they have been trying to have a child, the frequency of their sexual relations , the job of the man (repeated exposure to certain chemicals can affect the quality of sperm).

The sexologist in Delhi will also investigate whether the patient smokes, has erectile dysfunction, and has had mumps during childhood.

The sexologist in Delhi will also do a testicle test to make sure the man is not suffering from testicular atrophy or varicose veins.

Finally, he will order a blood test to measure the level of male hormones (FSH and LH) and to study his karyotype (chromosome study).


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