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Posted by on July 27, 2021

It’s not just mental and relationship problems that can cause it if someone doesn’t want sex. Diseases may also be present in the background.

The degree of sexual desire can be influenced by many external and internal factors. Most people attribute the decrease in libido to stress, privacy, or relationship problems. However, it is also often the case that the reasons for the change are to be found elsewhere.

There are health problems behind it that would be worth paying attention to. According to sexologist in Delhi, India, the following may underlie the fading of desire when everything is in the best order in the relationship between the parties and it is not the disputes, habit, boredom, or alienation that result in a decrease in the need for coexistence.

Hormone problems behind low libido

One of the most common problems, according to Dr P K Gupta, Best Sexologist in Delhi, India, is thyroid dysfunction. It is most common in the case of underdevelopment that because the body produces too little thyroid hormone, the hormone balance is upset, which causes not only constant fatigue, exhaustion and weakness, but also a decrease in libido.

High prolactin levels can also cause such complaints, usually accompanied by menstrual disorders and vaginal dryness. In addition, low estrogen and testosterone levels produce similar symptoms that, because they are sex hormones, strongly influence cravings. And in women, it is also common for PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome, to cause the change. This is also why it is recommended to find out with a blood test what the real problem may be, then the hormone balance can be restored with certain medications, which is likely to solve sexual problems as well, says sexologist doctor in Delhi, India.

Vitamin deficiency can also be a goose

In the rush of everyday life, not everyone pays attention to a healthy, balanced diet, so many people may develop vitamin deficiencies – and this also affects coexistence. According to sex specialist in Delhi, India, if the body does not get the right amount of iron, folic acid, zinc or iodine, it can also show up in bed: the desire to make love decreases, and there may be symptoms such as dizziness, tiredness or irregular menstruation.

Heart disease and sexual desire

According to cardiologist Columbus Batiste, research has shown that 60-87% of people with heart problems also report sexual dysfunction, one of the most common being low libido. Therefore, according to the top sexologist in Delhi, India, it should not be neglected if someone notices that his / her desire has drastically decreased compared to the usual one, as he / she can draw attention to more serious disorders.

Other diseases in the background

In addition, depression, diabetes, lung or adrenal problems, and autoimmune diseases may be behind the change. Therefore, and for the sake of the relationship, it is important to see a sex doctor in Delhi, India and ask for a thorough examination so that the underlying causes can be identified and appropriate treatment can be provided as soon as possible.


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