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Penis burning – after and during intercourse. Symptoms and Causes

Jul. 3, 2020 by

Penile burning may occur during sexual intercourse, but also after sex. Men sometimes feel a burning sensation also while urinating. What could this mean? How to deal with this situation and how to prevent it? Causes of penis burning Penis burning is a

SEX AND HEALTH – 10 health benefits of sex

Jun. 24, 2020 by

Sex, especially successful, is not only health and a source of extraordinary sensations, but also a great medicine and cosmetic, as well as one of the most effective and pleasant ways to get rid of excess weight. Find out how sex

How Does A First Consultation With The Sexologist Take Place?

Jun. 3, 2020 by

Women are not alone in having a doctor for their genitals. Men can also consult a specialist in the matter: the sexologist in Delhi. Men consult it for various reasons, but most often, a consultation with sexologist doctor in Delhi results from

Delayed Ejaculation – What is it?

Sep. 12, 2019 by

What is delayed ejaculation? Although it is something that is not talked about much, the truth is that it is not uncommon for men (or their partners) to consult sexologists and sexologists for a time of ejaculation that they consider

Disorders of sexual desires

Jun. 27, 2019 by

Disorders of sexual desires (formerly referred to as inhibited sexual desires) are divided into two classes by sexologist in Delhi: hypoactivity sexual desires that are characterized by insufficiency or lack of sexual fantasies and desires of sexual activity, and disorientations

Couples sexual therapy – from taboo to dialogue

Jun. 9, 2019 by

Dissatisfaction: from taboo to dialogue A very important part of life as a couple is sexual satisfaction. It is very common that, especially, stable couples who have been together for many years perceive that their sexual activity could improve. Normally, to

Premature ejaculation: what is it?

Mar. 17, 2019 by

The ejaculation early or premature is, with erectile dysfunction, a disorder of the most frequent male sexuality. As explained by sexologist in Delhi, its causes are varied: they can be psychological, behavioral, neurobiological or genetic. While definitions vary across countries and medical societies, they all

The definitive guide on male orgasm: everything you have to know

Mar. 3, 2019 by

In general, much more is said about the female orgasm than the male. Tricks so that they reach the climax, how to make them really enjoy, what they think while they practice sex, why they pretend and how they do it. The truth is that women enjoy fewer orgasms than