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Posted by on December 18, 2018

There are a number of signs that every business owner should have for his or her establishment. It is essential for you to understand as much as possible about ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) signs. ADA is a law that checks on the rights that persons with disabilities should be accorded. It helps avoid discrimination that is based on disability under some circumstances. It is important for all buildings to have appropriate signage for individuals with disabilities. It is important for you to know that the signs that are posted in different establishments or the ones that are considered as architectural sign should be in compliance with the guidelines that have been set in this Act. Some of the examples include a sign that identifies a permanent room or space of that facility such as stairwells, rest rooms and room numbers and the signs that inform or directs about some features of the facilities that are accessible.

You need to be aware that the ADA requires that owners of establishments should have signs that have backgrounds and characters that are non-glare. The reason for that is because reflections and glare can bring some problems to people with eye disabilities and more so the elderly. It is however important to note that reflective parking and other traffic signs should not be like that. You also need to be aware that all signs should have a high dark to light contrast between their backgrounds and characters. There is not a specific color that you are expected by The American with Disabilities Act to use for your character and background. However, it just defines the contrast that should be used in the signage. View here for more info.

That is why you should use colors of your choice but preferably the signs ahould have very light grey letters on a black background. You can also opt to use red letters on the background because that may not meet the contrast criterion that has been set by the ADA Act. You should ensure that you have used fonts that are easy to read and not decorative or elaborate ones. The tactile signage should use uppercase and in sans serif type. The letters should also be at least five over eight inches or more that two inches. The letters should also have a minimum of 3/32 inches thickness in matters of tactility. If you wish for some professional assistance and service, look for Image360 now!

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