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Posted by on October 31, 2018

What to expect when taking singing lessons

Many people who are considering taking singing lessons wonder what to expect if they do sign up for lessons. Having taught over 100 students I know that this is on the minds of many first time students. Some of them ask during their first lesson or when they initially call to discuss the arrangement (cost, material to be covered, time and day, etc.). This is an excellent question so I normally cover this topic as part of my introduction. In this post I will share with you what I tell my students regarding what to expect when they sing up for singing lessons.

This is an important consideration for you if you are going to embark on the journey of learning how to sing. One of the first things that will happen in your lessons is the instructor will ask you about your goals, favorite musical genre and singers, and whether you have had lessons before. Once these things have been discussed you will begin the actual instruction. Your first lesson will likely cover how to breathe correctly. Learning to inhale is the foundation of singing since it is the movement of air that creates sound. Controlling that movement is the most fundamental skill required of singers.

What to expect depends, in part, on the student. Some of the factors a vocal instructor will consider when designing a program of study are:

The age of the student

The goals of the student

The ability level of the student

If the student has taken lessons before

The strengths and weaknesses of the student

Taking all of the information together an instructor will determine how to approach the lessons for each student. This variation will essentially result in some customization to an individual program. Some of these tweaks include:

How and when to teach various types of ornamentation like vibrato, rasp, and others

How to sing with a certain style like country, metal, hard rock, pop, hip-hop, etc.

How to control the dynamics of the human voice

Learning to sing harmonies

Vocal health and how to protect the voice from damage

How to prepare for performance

Performance and showmanship techniques

These are just some of the many things  you will learn during your lessons. In time you will be able to develop and perfect individual skills as well as your unique style and sound. This is what you should expect if you are taking lessons with a live instructor.

If, on the other hand, you want to take singing lessons online then you will have a different experience. Here’s how you can properly sing vocal harmony and get an idea of what online lessons are like: Online lessons usually are video based and follow a more rigid program. They also usually have recorded exercises and drills. There should be separate drills for high (female) and low (male) voice ranges. A good online program will teach you how to identify your mistakes and make the necessary corrections.

I hope this helps you understand what to expect if you take online lessons. These are just some points to help you fell more comfortable as well as help you formulate the right questions.