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Posted by on June 20, 2019

I would like to go off script a little and talk about the music industry in general. I know that my usual focus is on singing, and in particular voice lessons and vocal instruction programs, but today’s post is more about a subject that interests me. So let’s call it a ‘just for fun’ post. Maybe it will stimulate some discussion about related music topics, and maybe not. Whatever the case, it is my blog so I will post whatever I want. Hopefully, you will be interested as well.

Anyway, what I want to say is that the music industry has changed dramatically in the past several decades, while also remaining the same. How can this be? These are seemingly two diametrically opposed statements so let me explain. There are many things about the music industry that have changed. These changes include styles of music that are popular, how we listen to music, where and when we listen to music and how money is made in the industry. Of course, there are many aspects that have not changed much, if at all. These include shady managers and record labels ripping off artists, the use of live concerts to sell and promote music, and how to make it in the music business.



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