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Posted by on January 29, 2019

The spine is one of the most important parts of the body thus it should be taken care of in the best way possible. It is worth noting that it is the spine that allows one to be able to do several things including the most important one which is being able to stand. Apparently, the spine can be able to develop quite a lot of problems and if they are not treated at the right time you can end up having serious body issues in the future. For that reason in case you happen to have any spine issue, it will be prudent to be able to seek medical attention. Spine problems are also known as facet disease and it is classified into three categories. They include the cervical facet disease, thoracic facet disease, and the lumbar facet disease.   Here  is more info about  pinch nerve surgery.

The classification is based on which part of the spine is affected and the degree of the injury. When you have cervical facet disease you may experience pain at the shoulders and also a headache. Thoracic facet disease may bring about pains just below the shoulders although it is usually very rare. The most common one is the lumbar facet disease where the patient experiences lower back pain that can sometimes radiate down to the thighs and the buttocks. Some of the most common symptoms of the facet disease include severe pains, headache, stiffness, bone spurs, tenderness around the joints, decreased mobility, and pains that that becomes worse after some activities like lifting, twisting and bending, inflammation and many more. Basically, the pains depend on which part of the spine is affected thus it may differ from one person to the other.  Learn more about  annular tear

There are several ways in which the facet disease can be treated or managed. Some of the ways include physical therapy, stretching, chiropractic therapy, injections, massage therapy, bracing, radiofrequency ablation and many more. Thus for you to be treated in the right way it will be prudent for a diagnosis to be done first for the medical practitioner to be able to know what they are tackling. The diagnosis may include the patient’s history, clinical evaluation, MRI, X-ray or CT scan. Thus in case you are suffering from the facet disease, it will be prudent to look out for the best spine institute so that you can be able to receive the appropriate treatment. There are so many spine institutes hence for you to be able to come up with the best one you have to do your research well.  Here is more information :


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