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As a name clearly states, we are talking about the cheapest brokerage fee ever. The concept of zero brokerage has been introduced by the discount brokerage firm. Although you might get the low brokerage offers with many firms still the broker with an added advantage of zero brokerage can work fine. Excellent customer service along with the set of standard offerings are really getting attention of many of the traders. The most preferred source of information by these users are best trading sites. The listing might help you find the broker with some great offers including the one with extra-ordinary advantage of zero brokerage. The broking channels are many and we are focussing on renowned brokerage firms. Broking houses are considered as the primary medium of trading for any trader or business entity. Price, service, customer centric approach, trading terminal etc are important aspects to be covered.

discount brokerage firm in India

We are giving the list of top discount brokers here Wisdom Capital, ICICI Direct, Share Khan, SAS Online, SAMCO, Trade Smart Online, Upstox/RKSV, 5 paisa etc. The firms quoted above claim customer facing services at very low brokerage. However, Wisdom Capital is the only firm with Zero brokerage plan. The plan comes under the name of freedom plan offered by the broker. Akin to the zero brokerage plan, there are some other facts that need to be considered. You can also include account opening cost, client attending channels, expert guidance if required. Yes, the budget brokers might not serve stocks tips and recommendations. Instead of that, most of them provide free access to online trading terminals.

It is true that even at zero brokerage costing, one can enjoy the benefits of analytical trading platform i.e. free of cost. The certainty is that new technologies has upgraded the stock trading realistically. The information include by the broking industry divisions include Indian and global financial market both. They are affiliated by BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX. The membership somewhere define trust factor among the brokers. Apart from Zero Account Opening cost, zero brokerage charges, free tips and reports, highly cooperative customer support, what if you get free access to best online trading platform in India. Yes, you can enjoy the benefits of analytical trading platform i.e. completely free of cost. The introduction of new technologies has upgraded the stock trading in a true sense. You can enjoy tips and recommendations, market monitoring,  live streaming of NSE quotes with the help of good online trading platform in India. Now grab the best trading opportunities at low cost. Enjoy the hassle free trading by paying pocket friendly brokerage.