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Posted by on September 5, 2018

The whizzinator is a device that looks and feels like a real male genital. It is well crafted to mimic the size of a real male genitalia. It has got veins, wrinkles that looks and feels like a real male genitalia. To add icing on to the cake, the whizzinator has been produced with five different body ton colors. If an individual chooses a whizzinator that resembles their skin color one can hardly tell that it is a prosthetic device. Many people purchase the device for mischief. They use it to prank people who would not tell the difference between a gadget and a real male private parts.

The producers of the whizzinator intended for it to be a sexual stimulant tool. It is an adult sexual tool that was meant to stimulate wet sex. It comes in a kit that has got three very vital components. These components are meant to facilitate the sexual pleasure and activity. This is a prosthetic device that resembles a real genitalia, a dry substance or pill for making synthetic urine and a heating pad to raise the temperature of the urine to that of the body. The synthetic pill is mixed with water and filled in the whizzinator kit. It has the same components and composition as that of real urine. The producers claim that if the synthetic urine is subjected to a lab test the lab cannot differentiate real urine from the synthetic urine.

The whizzinator kit comes with leg straps and a waistband to secure the device onto the body. During the sexual pleasure activity, one can touch the sensitive valve attached to the kit to release the synthetic urine. The synthetic urine has got the same smell, vitamins, and temperature of natural urine from a human body.

Unfortunately, the whizzinator has on many occasions been abused and used for illegal activities. The whizzinator prosthetic can be strapped in the same position as the male genitalia. This can be done by using the leg straps and waistband that are usually attached to the prosthetic device. When the individual who is wearing the whizzinator kit pulls out the prosthetic device, it is not easy to tell that it is a fake. Many individuals have taken advantage of this fact to falsify drug urine test. If the urine sample is taken in front of a drug testing officer, unless they are very keen they cannot tell that the prosthetic device is a fake. In addition, the synthetic urine has the composition of real urine and when the sample is drawn, it has the same temperature as the real one. The lab technician wouldn’t know that it is fake.

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