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Posted by on August 12, 2018

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A water storage tank, which is also referred to as a water tank, is usually a container that is used for storing of water which in most cases is for later use or for use or  in times of water inadequacy. The stored water can be used for agricultural purposes for both plants and animals, human consumption, putting out fire and many other uses both around the home or in an industry. Water storage tanks usually come in different types, designs and sizes and are built from different kinds of materials. Water storage tanks can either be made of plastic, fiberglass, concrete, clay or steel. For the steel ones, they can be welded or bolted water tanks, plain steel water tanks, galvanized water tanks, carbon steel water tanks or stainless steel water tanks.
There are three major categories of water tanks depending on their use and location. Click these links to read more about Water Storage Tanks. The first kind is the underground water tank. An underground water tank is usually placed under the ground and is mostly made of carbon steel. It receives water from a well or water that is on a surface. We also have a chemical contact water tank which is mostly made of concrete. This kind of water tank is used for water that needs to be mixed with some chemicals over a period of time mostly for treatment purposes. The third kind of water tank is an elevated water tank. Just as the name suggests, this kind of water tank is usually placed at a point high above the ground so that pressure can be realized when releasing water from the tank. This kind of water tank is also called a tower tank and it should be made of material that can withstand the water pressure.
A water tank should be designed and built using suitable materials so that it doesn’t cause harm to water. In the case of drinking water, a water tank should qualify for a potable tank. A potable tank is a water tank that is suitable for storing of water that is intended to be used for drinking. Water is usually easily contaminated by germs, algae and also the presence of too many minerals and gas and therefore, a good water tank should be one that is designed to minimize contamination from these contaminants. Visit water storage tank to learn more. It’s also recommended that water tanks, especially those that are used for storing drinking water, should be cleaned thoroughly at least once in a year to avoid the building up or accumulation of algae and germs like bacteria and viruses which contaminate the water. It’s also good to monitor and test the water that is coming into the water tank for chemicals and germs and treatment of the water initiated if need be because water can be contaminated from its source even before it gets to the water storage tank. However, testing of the water may require some sophisticated technology and in that case the water tank owner should involve health officials to get the correct recommendations. Learn more from


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