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Posted by on October 27, 2018

Renovating a kitchen is difficult because you have to choose from a tone of decisions and usually there is not enough time to make them. The kitchen backsplash is among the design details you must spend time identifying the best option. It might seem like a simple project, but selecting glass subway tile backsplash tiles is complicated. You must take into account various things that are likely to affect the overall kitchen design. This article outlines the basic factors to consider when choosing a tile backsplash.

Color is usually among the first factors you should consider. Find out if you want the backsplash to be colorful or neutral. A colorful backsplash usually has an immediate impact unlike a neutral one that can add character to space. Make sure that you go for a shade that compliments the other kitchen items. Some homeowners are drawn to the sense of calm in a neutral space others find comfort in colors.

Many homeowners overlook the original subway tile height. Remember that the glass subway tile has to have an ending somewhere and you have the power to decide where you want the end to be. In most instances, the cabinetry is the deciding factor. It is advisable that you bring the backsplash up to the bottom of the cabinet or shelf in an open shelving style. You can also extend your backsplash to the ceiling if there are no cabinets like over the sink or a stove. The contact to ceiling installation will make the turn and focal point in the kitchen so if you decide to bring it to the top, ensure you have chosen a size, layout, and color that you love.

The material you select for the backsplash is as important as the color. You must figure out the type of time that will work best in your overall style. You can pick either ceramic, brick, hand-painted, or tiles for your structure. This decision ought to be based on personal preferences and the overall design style you want to achieve. The brick will work best in industrial or rustic kitchens. If it is contemporary and clean, go for a crisp matte glaze. The design consultants will help you to figure out the subway glass tile ideas and find the right product lines that will match your design.

Make sure that you consider the countertops. The tile backsplash is going to be right up against the countertops, so it is necessary to ensure the two materials and colors complement each other. Another important decision to make is to identify the pattern and shape of your tiles. Do check out these great flooring and backsplash tiles and styles:


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