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Posted by on January 14, 2019

The owners of construction firms entirely understand the benefits that come with using smartphones and tablet devices when working and one of the most overlooked one is the considerable reduction and reliance on paper forms and the manual processes. If the average for of paper for each employee is $80 for instance, and it takes about 18 minutes for one to get a paper document, then a whole company may eventually come down crumbling and fail in less than three weeks in cases where they face a catastrophic loss of paper that may result from floods or fire. Paper forms also hinder maximum employee productivity as well as operational efficiency while on the other hand increasing risks and liability.

Mobile apps for the construction businesses are readily available in the market today. The custom app development, for instance, is less costly and also saves time all thanks to the high-quality app building tools and the cloud. With the above in mind, small and medium-sized businesses can also afford to build and implement the mobile apps into their premises. It is, however, unfortunate to see most organizations both small and medium-sized still using paper processes as well as the excel spreadsheets all thanks to the fear and assumptions that the construction mobile apps are costly and challenging to build. This article outlines some of the leading reasons why it is essential for every construction firm to invest in the construction apps in the market today. Know more also about production rates for construction.

Inspection of the sites
Paper forms can produce countless vulnerabilities as well as inefficiencies for site inspections. One of the most significant issue with using the paper forms in the world today for site inspections is the fact that employees can easily report inspecting a site that they did not visit. Another huge problem that comes with paper forms is that writing the same data reportedly requires expensive carbon copies which may be hard to read which leads to misplacements and limitations to text-only data as well. Construction mobile apps maximize efficiency as the app collects the same info in the least time while also reducing errors as well.

It is also essential for every business owner to an efficient report of the amount of money that the company earns at the end of the day. Carrying around huge piles of forms at the end of the day hinder one from preparing the invoices accurately and timely at the end of the day. Other benefits of construction apps include safety of the site and compliance reporting, work orders as well as contractor-employee spreadsheet, checklists, and client invoices.

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