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Posted by on January 14, 2019

It is practically impossible at this time and age to handle all the details of a construction project without the proper construction app to back you up. There is a lot that goes into a successful project hence the need to look at the essential features and functionalities that will make the task easier. Here are some of the must-have features that very construction app worth its name should have.

You want a construction app with the best customer relationship management. This allows the project manager to have the client details and their contact information captured correctly. Even if it means having the details and information imported from elsewhere, the app should be able to capture everything in its entirety. Some advanced construction apps will even have automated scheduling that allows for sending of regular reminders to clients. Others will offer client history and search options that allow the project manager to easily track the progress of clients.

The best construction app should also have accounting and financial features which ought to be indispensable. Such capabilities include payroll, budgeting, billing, invoicing, cash flow options to mention but a few. These features become very important in making informed decisions especially when they are out in the field. Payment tracking functionalities and ePayment solutions may also come as a package in some of these construction apps all to ensure smooth and accurate financial and accounting records.

Scheduling is a simple feature, yes, but it remains a very important part of a successful construction project. It is no wonder most of the leading apps today will have this feature to help with efficient organization of every day’s tasks. This feature also helps keep a good track of every activity of all team members. The intuitive platform may even allow a project manager to assign tasks to the team members, keep tabs on the progress of tasks assigned and also assign different priority levels to each of the tasks.

Last but not least, the best construction app must have the team management feature. Actually, this feature tends to overlap with the scheduling feature but nonetheless very important in effective people management. If not for anything else, it provides focused management of project status, progress, team activities, and time tracking. Further, it facilitates coordinated teamwork and effective communication to all team members especially when new changes need to be notified. Some advanced solutions will offer GPS team tracking capabilities. You can get more info at

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