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Posted by on August 8, 2018

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Paris is the French capital and hosts a lot of scientific attractions. Science needs experiences outside the classroom so that students can well understand it by being able to observe some of the scientific facts in real life. Therefore a tour to Paris by students can be beneficial academically.
In the city, there is the universcience which consists of cite des sciences and Palais de la decouverte. This two sites are known for the interactive displays they have and also the lecture programmes. Here they make it possible to see how science has helped in real life situations and also how research can be made useful.
Young students are best suited to visit the Cite des Sciences where they mostly specialize in topics like communication, plants, water and how television studio work. Read more about Paris Tours from here. The presentations are made simple and fun for the students to enjoy and find it easy to understand the concepts.
For the other older students, there are impressive displays of hi-tech products and innovation where it is quickly shown how science affects day to day lives. Still, there are displays on light, sound, satellite and also the history of the universe.
In the Palais de la Decouverte which is also called the palace of discovery, there are a variety of displays which are based on the different subjects in science which include chemistry, physics maths, and even geosciences.
It also has a section about space and astrophysics with great artifacts and even an interactive planet display developed by the US space agency, NASA. The agency has also donated the replica of the rocket that helped in the collection of data in the mission to Mars. Therefore this probably will be the most memorable experience of the students’ scientific tour in Paris.  It also hosts a place where audiences can view pictures of stars from all the history. To learn more about Paris Tours, visit tour of the louvre. There are also lecture halls that you can book for your students so that they can enjoy the best lectures on astronomy.
Be sure to pass through the curie museum where the laboratory used by Marie Curie is found. There you will see a lot of information on how Marie, chemists, was able to successfully conduct researches on radioactivity and how her research has led to advancements in the field of medicine.
With all the good places to visit and see how science is applicable in real life Paris is the best destination for educational trips for students both younger and older ones. Learn more from


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