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Posted by on August 8, 2018

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Paris is the Capital City of France and the most populous the country. It is a City is known for its beauty, Historical and architectural history. It is home to some of the most historic sites and the most visited sites in the world. It attracts some tourists every year.  When planning a tour of Paris, there are things you should consider to make your trip memorable:
When will you take the journey? View here to read more about Paris Tours.  When planning your trip avoid taking it during a slow month like August when most businesses are closed because everyone goes on vacation during this month. There are things that you can do during this month but not much.
Where to stay: For any trip to be a success, where you are staying goes a long way toward making your trip memorable. You do not want to sleep on the streets in a foreign city or country. Most holiday packages include a hotel reservation. When researching the box you want, check out the hotels you would want to stay in.
How to move around: Paris has several modes of transportation, but the most popular is the metro, this is a train service that takes you around the city underground. There is also a bus service that is equally as effective.
Communication: The main Language in Paris is French, and unless you are fluent in it, the language barrier can ruin a holiday for you, find a tour guide who is conversant with the language and culture.
Things to do in Paris: There is practically a festival or another taking place in Paris. The best to optimally enjoy your trip is research and go during a month when whatever festival is taking place is something you enjoy for example if you love Jazz music the best time to visit is during July. Visit The Paris Guy to learn more about Paris Tours.  If you enjoy shopping for the best time is in December.
The sites to Visit in Paris: Paris is full of tourist attractions, and some of them are the most historic in the world. Your tour of Paris is incomplete if you have not visited the Louvre Museum. It’s one of the most prominent museums in the world and the most visited with over 18 million visitors; this historic museum has paintings and artifacts dating centuries back. It also has works of some of the greatest artists ever to live.
The other site that is a must visit is the Eiffel Tower, This is a structure that was previously the tallest human-made structure and its home to some of the best restaurants. Learn more from


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