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Posted by on May 4, 2019

Almost every sector has benefited from the rise in technology in a certain way yet more innovations are on the way. The cutting sector is also benefiting from better cutting with accuracy and precision. This technology is known as waterjet cutting that involves the use of high-pressure steam to cut a narrow line on the source material. However, an abrasive may be added to in increase the cutting power what is known as abrasive waterjet cutting. Examine the knowledge that we shared about water jet cutting equipment.

That abrasive is added at the nozzle which allows for switching between water only cutting and abrasive waterjet cutting. Waterjet cutting is, however, applicable on virtually all types of materials including wood, cement, and metal. When looking for a cutting option that does not destroy the environment, waterjet cutting is a good alternative. The good thing about this cutting option is that there is only minimal wastage.

In waterjet cutting machines, a computer program is normally used which guides the steam so that you achieve the cut you want. This is why there is little wastage with this cutting method. Today, waterjet has become a preferred option by many people as well as manufacturing firms over other traditional options like laser and plasma cutting. Many professionals in a variety of industries have embraced this cutting method. It has become a popular option since it gives a quality edge, as well as impressive accuracy. Click this link waterjet cutting services to see more information.

If considering to buy a waterjet machine, ensure you get it from a trusted source like Omax jetmachining center. You may also hire any waterjet cutting services. You can also use waterjet in many applications including cutting irregular shapes where great precision is achieved with a quality edge. Some the cuts achievable with waterjet include straight cuts, curves, internal holes, as well as lettering which is achieved within a short time.

The popularity of waterjet has increased due to the benefits it offers. Such benefits include the following.

1. Superior quality edge.

The quality edge is the main reason for designers to turn to waterjet cutting. The edge produced is burr-free and smooth uniform. Such a quality edge is achieved due to pressure, speed, nozzle size, and abrasive flow rate. Secondary finishing might not be required after waterjet cutting. As a result, there is more efficient and time-saving. Explore more wisdom about water jet cutting at

More efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Like all other equipment, there are tools that excel in certain applications. Waterjet machines are usually good at producing cuttings that do not have areas distorted by heat, as well as cutting thick materials that include hardened steel, multi-layer materials, composites, and aluminum. This allows you to get a quality edge where additional edge treatment is not needed. You can also cut almost all shapes and thickness. Such cutting is achieved due to the needle-sharp cutting formed by the high-pressure steam.


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