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Posted by on August 20, 2018

In any storytelling, it has to be based on the characters involved in the story. There are different kinds of characters that make a story complete and attentive to the readers. These characters include static, dynamic, foil, round, stock, round and so on. They all play different roles in the story. In this topic, the emphasis is on a dynamic character. A dynamic character is a person whose personalities or attitudes change from time to time in the different events of a story. For example, someone with a dynamic character would probably be bitter, mousy and quiet while other times they are funny, exciting and loud. They make the story interesting by surprising the reader with their personalities since they are about conflict and resolution. They are about character downfalls, lesson learned and how to be better.

However, they are the main catalyst of a story and in order to make them more effective, they have to somehow suffer at the beginning of the story so that at the end they rise to make the story more fascinating. Look for ways to make the character have a downfall at the beginning. But make them have a choice to engage more in the rest of the story. Even if the character suffers at the beginning, it doesn’t mean they won’t continue to suffer in between the story. It is best to hit them harder with a different strategy that makes them learn more and more. It’s best to leave them confused a scene after a scene where trials are followed by others. This is where the reader gets more attentive and interested to get to know what will happen next. Click here to get started.

When the character gets into that horrible situation despite following the right ways, it’s always important for writers to make them liable. Consequences are the most curious thing in fiction, the more justified the consequences the story becomes much interesting. Therefore make them responsible for their actions as much as possible. As the story progresses, let the character make both evil and upright choices. However, a need for balancing both is important in order to keep the reader continue believing in the story due to characters goodness and brainpower. It makes the reader fascinate more of what will happen. Finally, allow the character to take their accountabilities as part of their journey. The more a writer makes their characters face their responsibilities makes the story stronger and better. To know more view website here.

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