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Posted by on March 17, 2019

Have you a WordPress Blog? Are you wandering to optimize your blog for traffic? You don’t need to be worried because I’m going to discuss some tactics through which you can rank your website on targeted keywords.

Choose Best Web Hosting:

Before starting any SEO based blog, you’ve to select the best web hosting for your blogging journey. There are many web hosting services, but  If you want to optimize your blog and here’s why then I’ll recommend you to buy WPX Hosting.

Cloudways is the best hosting, but somewhere HostGator is also the best. Here are some amazing features you’ll get on this website which can assist you in optimizing your WordPress blog

SEO Optimize WordPress Theme

It includes some features:

Performance, Security, Expert Support, Choice, Collaboration, Control, Integration & Add-on, Monitoring, High-Speed, Performance Assured, Dedicated Environment, SSD-Based Hosting, Built-in Advanced Caches, PHP 7 Ready Servers, CloudwaysCDN New, Auto-Healing Managed Cloud Servers, Free WordPress Cache Plugin, Redis Support, Free Magento Full Page Cache, Pre-configured PHP-FPM,

Additional Features:

HTTP/2 Supported Servers New, Managed Hosting Comes with Managed Security, Dedicated Firewalls, 1-Click Free SSL Installation,Multiple PHP Versions,MySQL and MariaDB Supported, Global Availability, Smooth Workflow & Team Collaboration, Git Integration, SSH and SFTP Access, Application & Server Cloning, One Account Multiple Teams, Staging Area & URLs, Add Team Members, Server Transfer, Cloudways WP Migrator Plugin, Server Settings, and Packages via UI, 1-Click Backup & Restore, Cron Job Manager

Why do I recommend Cloudways?

It features you; WP-CLI Pre-installed, 1-Click Stop App, App Settings via UI, Advanced/Custom Varnish Settings, Supervisor Queue Manager, Change Application Webroot New, Cloudways Edge, One Account, Multiple Integrations & Add-ons, CloudwaysBot Channels, Cloudways API, Application Migration Add-on, SMTP Add-on, Rackspace Email Add-on, Application Upgrade Add-on, DNS Made Easy Add-on, Cloudways Support Add-ons New, 24/7 Real-time Monitoring and New Relic Integration

Permalink or URL:

As you know there are some components of the post mention in search engines upon search and permalink is one of them. Your permalink should be short and optimized. If you want to optimize your blog, your posts should be optimized according to the SEO policy. You have to set your post permalink according to your post’s meta title and use the targeted keyword in the permalink.

Meta Title With Keyword:

It is obvious that If you are targeting your blog for organic traffic, then you should have a keyword research report. Use keyword at the beginning of the meta title.

Add Modifiers To Your Title:

You should add modifiers to your title because It attracts visitors and somewhere. It is commonly used and researched. Additionally, modifiers help to optimize your meta title for SEO.

Use of H1 H2 or H3 Tags If there is the usage of headings

Visitors don’t like content without headings, and It is very important for SEO too that you should add meta keywords in H1, H2, and H3 tags. It also assists you index blog post. You should follow this because It is part of on-page SEO.

Dazzle with Multimedia

Only text content makes visitor bored, so you need to add some multimedia in your post. It helps them to understand the content. It makes them enjoying because things get easy to understand and view via multimedia. Are you confused? As you know multimedia forces visitor to stay on the website which increases on-site time.

Drop Keyword in First 100 Words

You should drop keywords in your content, but you don’t need to put them force, just make your content real and don’t make it irrelevant, You need to focus on your target keyword and use it at first 100 words.

Use Responsive Design

Your website or blog design should be responsive, no matter whether if the visitor is using your web from PC or mobile. Your web should be responsive and compatible with every screen. As you know because of gadgets and mobile trend screen is getting smaller so, your web should be capable of adapting any type of screen.

Use Outbound Links

If you are using any reference in your article, then give the outbound link. It looks professional and legal. It is conditional, If you are discussing any external service or product give the outbound link.

Use Internal Links

Related pages or posts should be interlinked with each other like Wikipedia. Use internal links to help visitors to get in touch with the related articles; It also shows the relevance of the content.

Boost Site Speed

The page should be easy to load, comprises of less CSS and images. It shouldn’t take more than 4 seconds. It is the first tactic of the search engine optimization that your page should be loaded fastly, so that is the reason I recommended you to use cloudways or HostGator.

Sprinkle LSI Keywords

Instead of stuffing the same keyword, again and again, you can use synonyms that Google uses to determine a page’s relevancy.

Image Optimization

The image should be compressed and optimized, Before adding images to the website make sure you have added a targeted keyword in the file name like quicksprout.png

Use Social Sharing Buttons

Your blog should have consisted of social sharing buttons because It automates your blog to get social traffic. Somewhere It is also very important to be part of social platforms officially.

Post / Page Long & Unique Content

Your blog post should be real, authentic to the topic or targeted keyword. Your blog post should have consisted of more than 1000 words. If your post fresh and updated content then you don’t need to be worried because the content is king.

Your content should be easy to understand, and there shouldn’t be any irrelevancy.


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