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Posted by on January 14, 2020

This year, it’s important to start anew. The year of the Metal Rat signifies the start of another Chinese zodiac period. Thus, there is no other time to make some changes than now. Change can come in many aspects of your life – health, eating, exercising, even your wardrobe. Taking your style to the next level will intensify your luck. So go ahead and indulge in.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you must cultivate your sense of fashion. To do this, you must know what you like, what attracts you to a particular piece of clothing, and what makes you adverse to another one. But there are classic items you can add that will universally make your wardrobe better, though. Here are a few of them:

A good watch

Forget about your usual bevy of quartz watches. It’s time for an upgrade. Either mechanical or a smartwatch should be great, but we’re leaning towards the former just for the pure novelty. Mechanical watches are great because, with proper care and usage, you’ll never have to repurchase another watch  for the rest of your life.

While mechanical watches can fetch astronomical prices, there are budget options that you can get without sacrificing features and quality. The Hamilton Khaki King, for example, gets the award of the best bang for your buck. If you have the money, though, a Rolex or Omega may be a better option. Just make sure you do your research when it comes to these watches’ aftercare.

A casual white shoe

Who doesn’t like a white shoe? It’s a classic, and it looks good with almost everything in your wardrobe right now. Not to mention it’s utilitarian as well. For this item, we’d recommend you shell out a few hundred bucks for the leather options. The canvass is great, of course, and if that are more your alley, go ahead, but the leather ones are sure to last longer.

There are a multitude of options if you’re looking for a white shoe. The classic Nike Air Force 1 is a great pick, as well as Adidas Stan Smith. Go for the all-white options, or at least those with accents that’s white-adjacent. Think along the lines of gray, nude, and pastel pink options. If you have deeper pockets, Common Projects has a great all-white leather shoe alternative.

A bunch of basic tees

A basic tee is always a great everyday driver. You can never go wrong with it, honestly. If you already have an array of basic tees in different colors, it’s high time that you update it. Think more of thicker collars and better materials. Cotton is a great starter, but look for breathable lycra if you can. Stay away from polyblend fabrics.

If you have a sparse collection of basic tees, dedicate a part of your monthly income to buying a full batch. This means having it in different colors. Black and white are basics. Red, green, blue, yellow, orange, violet should be the next in line. Find a brand that you have a great experience with and buy from them. This way, you ensure your tees have the same fit.

A sensible shoe

Who doesn’t need a sensible shoe? Its importance can’t be understated. A sensible shoe is one you can depend on at any time. It should be formal enough that you can wear it to events, but it should be casual enough, too, for everyday business attire. Brown leather is ideal, but not a requirement.

Quality leather shoes start at $250 and up. Brands like Chanel and Ferragamo have thousand dollar options, but you don’t need to go the designer route to get dependable leather shoes. In fact, if you’re particularly savvy, there are sales you can annually join, which holds great designer products for a fraction of the cost.

A comfortable underwear

Nothing beats a comfortable set of underwear. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of having a snug and perfectly fitted boxer briefs and/or panties. For women, investing in great lingerie is essential. Think lace and cotton to prevent unexpected allergies. For men, boxers or a pair of great briefs should be a stalwart in their wardrobes.


Starting the new decade right does not necessarily mean a step towards a better you, it could be a step towards a better disposition and style, too. Make the most out of the next decade by becoming the best version of yourself. One way to do that? Spruce up your wardrobe.


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