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Posted by on May 8, 2020

New mothers to be and mothers to be (again) can benefit so much from attending a prenatal yoga. If you find hard to find a good school in your area, online classes are good option. Not only do you make space for your growing baby, but you also get to connect with a tribe of yogi-mommies who can become best friends. If you were recently a yoga practitioner before getting pregnant, the rules change a small bit to accommodate your small one, so read on.

Pregnancy used to be the final excuse for putting down the kettlebells and cracking open the kettle chips (eating for 2, yay). But it is now well established that moderate exercise during pregnancy has countless advantages for baby and mum (and the whole eating for 2 things is not true either sorry). Exercise while pregnant boost your muscular and cardiovascular strength improves your circulation and posture, and decreases the risk of back pain, fitness, and nutrition specialist at Urban Energy Fitness. It also increases the likelihood of a short, easy labor, with less medical intervention, and leads to healthier babies. All beautiful convincing reasons for getting that bump moving. Here are a few benefits to know about exercise during pregnancy.

Pregnancy brings about large mental and physical changes, regardless of which month or trimester you are in, but there’re yoga poses out there which can aid with prenatal discomfort and keeping calm. Yogi expert Lucia Segli, who provides prenatal yoga teacher training at Arhanta Yoga, recommends these 5 moves to aid with aches, nerves, and feeling at the house in your new transforming body. Lower back pain and shortness of breath are just 2 common instances of physical symptoms during pregnancy that yoga can aid with. Few yoga poses can even help with labor too. If you cannot make it to a prenatal class in person, here’re some poses to try at the house (and a list of which moves to avoid) while pregnant.

Here’re five rules to remember when you are practicing prenatal yoga.

  1. Drink Water

So, you’re pregnant and must pee very frequently, right? And, that can get a tad old, right? So, sometimes you avoid drinking fluids because you need to avoid having to stop what you’re doing in order to go to the bathroom. Don’t do this in yoga class. Drink when the instructor tells you it’s a drink break time. If that causes you to have to pee during class, then that’s fine. No one will begrudge you for leaving class to take care of business.

  1. Have a Chair Handy

Your body is changing on daily. Few women start to lose their balance, because of a changing center of gravity, as early as the 5th month of gestation. Poses such as Triangle or Warrior II, which your pre-pregnancy body will not consider taking that much balance work, abruptly become such as Tree Pose in the effort needed to stay up. Having a chair nearby to the front or side of your mat will be that comfortable helper, allowing you to feel secure and safe.

  1. Flex those hands and feet when they are up

Fluid, or Edema retention and subsequent swelling, is common later in your pregnancy. If you’ve your arms up in Warrior I, then stretch out those hands and make fists. If you’re in Legs Up the Wall pose, then roll those ankles and point and flex those toes. These actions aid in contracting your muscles, which is one of the primary ways to move lymph fluid about your body to be processed.

  1. Lay on the Left Side

Once your belly gets large enough, it’ll start to put many pressures back onto you when you lay on your back. Eventually, this growing belly will crush both the aorta (sending oxygenated blood to the rest of the body) and inferior vena cava (bringing carbon dioxide-rich blood back to the heart). Crushing these major vessels will cause the yogi-momma to experience shortness of nausea, breath, and dizziness to name some things. Also, remember that the oxygen of the baby is coming from the momma’s vessels, so crushing those big vessels also causes the baby to be in distress. Simply remedy this by propping up your right side with a bolster or blanket when lying down in supine poses. Sav asana is the best example of a pose that will be propped so that your right side is more elevated than the left side.

  1. Move Mealtimes Up Before Class

While pregnant, your digestive procedures become importantly slowed. That energizing meal that you used to eat 30 mints before class pre-pregnancy will now be sitting in your stomach or little intestine causing you few discomforts. This can also cause a lack of space to an already shrinking abdominal cavity, and this can affect your ability to sink into poses. In general, eat smaller meals more frequently, but consider meal timing more carefully before you hit up a prenatal class.


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