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Posted by on February 10, 2021

Did you know that Cyberpunk 2077 was supposed to be among the significant games of the year?  The truth is that it has failed. CD Projekt failed as they had planned with this game. Although thought to be too massive to fail, the final product was not what the users expected.

The original 2018 gameplay trailer had better mechanics than the last thing. Its user interface had various face types, user-friendly colours, and plenty of tattoos and hairstyles. It looked easy to customize V the way the player pleased. Then the final release version came, and all the options mentioned above had been lost. What made customization so brilliant was nowhere to be found. The original promise was never fulfilled in the final suit. That’s one reason why Cyberpunk 2077 displeased the players.

Cyberpunk 2077 is Incompatible with Last Generation Consoles

Now some players would instead access online kasynopolis of charge than getting this game. If you own XBOX One or PlayStation 4 (last generation consoles), then Cyberpunk 2077 is not for you. Otherwise, you will experience constant game crashes and shift to a low resolution to keep playing.

The game should not have been released on last-generation gadgets at all. A console owner would have to upgrade their system to enjoy the final version of Night City. The claim was that users would have 1440p/4k experience across all types of consoles. Then the reality hit when the final versions arrived. The 1440p reduced to about 900p and made this game harder to play. You will instead do it on PC or PlayStation 5 if you have it.

There seems to be a compatibility issue if you have a last-generation console. The company came out to insist that their game is compatible with the previous generation consoles, stirring more fury.

The NCPs are Basic

The original gameplay demo promised that the Night City NPCs would always be full of crowds of people who would be living their lives. When the final Cyberpunk 2077 version was launched, the promise had been broken. When attacking an NPC on the street, those not in your sight can abruptly disappear. Then the Night City would be left empty. Where did the promised crowds of people go? The police in the game seems to find you so quickly when you commit a mistake, even when you think you are well-hidden.

Another thing is that you can easily trick the cops by driving a short distance away. The NPCs that were thought to be advanced defend themselves from a gun by panicking or throwing their hands up. These points imply that this is a standard game rather than an advanced one that the CD Project promised.

Cyberpunk 2077 Has Several Bugs

The Cyberpunk 2077 game is being accused of having bugs. Although bugs are standard in most newly launched games, they are astronomical in Cyberpunk. These bugs can happen when driving away or pursuing a mission, and they might come to a stop the task from continuing and force the player to restart. The CD Projekt should have removed any bugs that could interfere with user experience and cause frustration.

It is not clear why CD Projekt failed so miserably. Besides the above-mentioned reasons, it could have been a premature release or having too much ambition. But failure has happened, and customers are disappointed. It should be enough reason for CD Projekt to do better next time.

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