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Posted by on February 10, 2021

If you own a new 2020 Windows PC, you would undoubtedly want to download and install some handy apps. As apps serve different purposes, you may need a bunch of those we’ve mentioned in this article. As you are not restricted from downloading other apps in the future, make sure you download those you cannot go without. Our guide will help you decide on what you require faster. It contains five apps we consider essential for users of a new 2020 Windows PC. These are available on Microsoft Store.


If you like streaming movies live or online casino stuff like vulkanbet 50 spin, the Netflix app is a must-have. It will help you watch any movie series you want and even do it non-stop. Netflix is well-known and trusted. It is available for most mobile devices and on your PC. To use Netflix, you need to select the subscription you can afford. They are three and the cheapest cost nine dollars. As it has the best movie collection, you cannot afford to miss it. You can download the app for free on Microsoft Store.

VLC Media Player

Like most people, you probably like to play music or watch a movie on your PC. To do that on your new Windows computer, download VLC Media Player first. It is a versatile app that can play any video or audio file. The format of the file is not a problem at all. Boasting a lot of customization tools, VLC can let you personalize your music. You can even record a section of a movie or song, use the equalizer to alter sounds, take screenshots and add a whole list of songs if you don’t want to play one at a time. You don’t need to pay for this app.


Do you do regular video calls? If you have friends and family working abroad or run your work online, you need Skype. The application is known globally and works flawlessly. You could make a video call, chat, make an audio call, and even share content like photos and video clips. It can allow you to share a large document with up to 300MB. Skype will not charge you anything for calling another person who has Skype. It is free on the Microsoft Store, so download it.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This one gives you essential tools for editing a photo. With these, you can crop, rotate, flip, and straighten your photo. You can even make it brighter or darker, adjust contrast, or use other effects. It will not affect your computer’s speed and do a good job when you wish to alter your photos. It is a free app.


If you share files a lot, you need SHAREit for your new 2020 Windows PC. With this one, you will not need a USB cable for transmitting files from your phone to your PC and vice versa. It is super quick and can work when you really cannot get a cable. It is free on the Microsoft Store.

We listed only the five most imperative apps. However, you might also need a VPN app when browsing the internet on your computer. Some sites can track you without you noticing it. To hide your surfing activity from hackers and bad sites when using public Wi-Fi, get a suitable VPN app. There are several choices on Microsoft Store.


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