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Posted by on February 10, 2021

So you don’t know how to cook? Open your YouTube and search for cooking tutorials. Unless you want to be a professional chef, YouTube cooking channels will be enough for your learning. Days when you had to pay to learn how to cook, are way behind us. People who don’t appear on your TV screen but are great chefs are on YouTube now. They showcase their cooking styles and talents through a YouTube video.

While some videos are not good enough, others are wonderful. And if you like one or two video chefs, you can bookmark their channels and visit them daily or whenever you have a chance. Videos don’t just feature unique cuisines and cooking methods. Some of them present chefs who share ideas you cannot find in mainstream media. The year 2020 was a bad year overall due to Covid-19. However, some cooking channels were brilliant and received a massive following. Do you wish to know the most saved YouTube cooking videos for 2020?

How to Cook

Anna Reardon runs this channel; she is an Australian Chef.  Besides online gaming at slots, you can spend the extra time you have indoors due to Covid-19 watching Anna’s baking videos. Being a professional chef, she produces very educational videos. Although not as famous as other channels, Anna’s How to Cook has at least 3.5 million subscribers. While her channel isn’t a magnet for all, there are a considerable number of people who remain loyal to her and aim to watch every video she posts. She is a YouTube celebrity known to take on the most challenging baking projects. This channel was famous all through 2020 and still is.


Tasty is a branch of Buzzfeed, the world’s largest content makers. Tasty’s YouTube videos receive millions of views as currently, their total subscribers are about 19 million. Operated by many different people, Tasty works hard not to be boring. They have several unique series within one channel. Some of these include Tasty 101, Eating Your Feed, and I Draw, You Cook. They don’t just give the same bland recipes you are accustomed to. They are masters of creating helpful content that excites and educates the masses. It is the place to be if you are so interested in cooking and want to try it.

Binging with Babish

Binging with Babish YouTube Cooking channel is a darling for many. Created by Andrew Rea, a known American filmmaker, the channel has been around for more than a decade. He uses the teaching style as the best as even people who are not native English speakers can listen and understand him. Some of his most liked videos present dishes from some films or television episodes you have watched before, including The Grey Stuff from Beauty and the Beast movie. If you are looking for unique and general cooking tricks, try Binging with Babish. You will be an addition to millions of subscribers who watch Andrew Rea on YouTube.


If you watch Maangchi YouTube videos now, you will adore the Korean cuisine. Presented by Emily Kim, a Korean Chef, the channel is unique and different. The channel mostly features Korean recipes. If you would like to learn other Asian recipes, you might have to look elsewhere. So, do you want to know how to cook a spicy rice cake or perhaps make Kimchi? Maangchi, a channel with more than 4 million subscribers, is your best pick.

Besides the four channels listed above, people saved other channels in 2020. A brief mention of these includes How to Cake It, The Food Ranger, Laura in the Kitchen, Food Wishes, Village Food Factory, and Tipsy Bartender. All of them receive millions of viewers every month. Now you know where to go for your cooking lessons.

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