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Posted by on May 7, 2021


Defenders have it hard in FIFA 21. The game is built for fast paced amusement, which frequently means bags of targets. Online 0-0s happen less often than they are in actuality, and that is mainly because it is a lot easier to attack than to defend. A whole lot of gamers will dive in and devote obstacles, but is often much better to just jockey your competition and push away the attackers from risk. You are not as likely to be vulnerable this way, and not as inclined to give away fouls. It requires some attention, but it is a much better strategy than simply leaping into tackles and risking a free kick or a booking, normally.

Don’t Sprint

This seems counter-intuitive as of your entire life you have likely been playing FIFA by sprinting everywhere. While the endurance drain has gotten much better in recent versions, you will likely have been subbing off your worn out attackers your entire life also. Sprinting does not only drill out players; it makes it more difficult for them to control the ball pick a workout, and also makes the electricity pub move much quicker. Evidently, soccer is a quick sport and FIFA sets a significant emphasis on speed — rather than sprinting is considerably worse compared to constantly sprinting. But use it sparingly, use it once you need gut-busting speed, and make an effort in the thoracic more frequently. If you are looking for เว็บดูบอล, please visit our site.

Use the Radar

The radar in the bottom of the display is an invaluable source, but also often players do not use it. The majority of us play with FIFA using a rather near cameras that allows us see what is happening and also brings us close to the activity. In real life, however, the finest players maintain up their heads, always scanning for distance and moves. The radar provides you that choice.  It permits you to determine which players have been indicated and which ones have distance, in addition to if not a ball across the top will be effective. It is an underrated tool in your way to bragging rights.

Use Agile Dribbling

These are both new assaulting attributes in FIFA 21, and utilized correctly, they may provide you a severe strategic advantage.  Anticipate the top players to utilize these attributes often, taking the sport in their own hands. Agile Dribbling is triggered by pushing RB/R1, and means the player in possession is going to continue to keep the ball tight for their entire body, waiting for the correct time for one to knock it past your competition and operate. Creative Runs, on the other hand, utilize LB/L1 followed by a flick of the perfect stick. Instead of relying upon the AI to make the ideal run, now you can guide your runners precisely where you wish to go. With both of these features, you’ve got more control than ever before from the last third — and this may place you up brightly for a target if you think beforehand.

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