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Posted by on September 3, 2022


What Is Brush Hogging?

A brush hog, also known as a mowing board or tractor, is a small mower attached to a tractor that cuts small brush and heavy grass. A brush hog can be used to cut hay in a pinch. I know of a few homesteaders who have used it, and they seem to like it works, though I’m not sure it works well. The brush hog cuts in a way that is efficient, while also saving fuel and time. A regular riding mower and an herbicide are better options than properly tending to a field. However, this is a much more time-consuming option.bCutting Edge Property Maintenance offers services for Downriver mi brush hogging, they have commercial-grade brush hogging equipment that is capable of handling small and large jobs. They can help you if you have a large area of brush hogging needs, such as a farm or vacant land.

What Does Brush Hedge Mean?

The brush hog is a rotary mower for rough cutting. It attaches to the tractor using a three-point hitch. The power take-off – PTO is what drives a bush hog. It is perpendicularly positioned to the slope. The rotary cutter is a type of heavy-duty mowing deck. When referring to any type of mowing device other than a finish mower, the term “brush hog” is used. This brand was invented in Selma (Alabama) in 1947 by “Fat Lawrence”, who is also the inventor of tractor-powered rotary cutters.


What Does A Finishing Mower Do?

To brush hogs, a finishing mower should never be used. This is either a standard or yard tractor with blades that reach lower than the ground than those on an rotary mower deck. A finishing mower should only be used if you have removed any unwanted vegetation. After the bush hog has removed all the tall grass and weeds, a finishing mower will create a more manicured landscape.

The Difference Between A Rough Mower And A Finishing Mower

The main difference between a finishing mower versus a rough cut mower lies in the fact that the brush hogging implement has both a stronger and heavier blade. The rough cut mower’s blade is extremely durable and can slice through thicker materials in an easy way. Rough cut mowers are typically made from more durable materials than finishing mowers.


Why Bushhog a Pasture?

Brushing should be done at least once per year on all livestock pastures to stop weeds taking over and greatly decreasing grass growth. There are many medicinal weeds that grow in pastures. Forage away and then turn the mower to medium-high level to cut down any undesirable growth

  • Brush hogging prevents unwanted growth from taking up nutrients that are needed for quality grass development.
  • You can’t neglect the fields, pastures, and open areas. The forest will reclaim them in a surprising amount of time.
  • Bush hogging prevents you from having tall, thick growth that overshadows the smaller plants and grasses you are trying to cultivate.
  • Regular bush hogging is essential when creating a field on your homestead. This will help keep weeds under control and let you plant quality grass. When developing a pasture or horse field, brush hogging should be done more often than once or twice per year.
  • To aid in the natural decomposition of plant residue and improve soil quality, the mower deck should be placed higher on the brush hog during field development. Also, this creates moisture pockets which improve the health of the pasture being created.
  • Bush hogging can be done in the middle or late fall depending on the climate. A blanket of cut growth acts as a natural blanket to increase microbiological activity and heat the surface.
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