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Posted by on August 17, 2018

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There are quite a large number of people who aspire to be self-publishers. That is why they spend years working on a manuscript which they will later publish in a book. However, it is one thing coming up with a manuscript and another publishing a book. This is because a book has a publishing format and is divided into three categories. Read more about front matter. This includes the front matter, the back matter and the body of the book.
So What Is A Front Matter?
Front matter is basically the pages of a book that precedes the main text published in the book. Here are elements that are likely to be included in the front matter.
Half Title
This is the page that only entails the book title. It is the first page that you will come across when you open the book.
Title page
In this page, there is the announcement of the publisher as well as the author of the book. You are also likely to come across the year of publication, the location of the author and also a simple summary about the book. You are also likely to come across different book illustration in this page.
Copyright Page
For every published book, there is a need to verify that none of its content is a duplicate of already existing content. To learn more about  front matter, at this website. This is why there is a need to include the copyright notice. In this page, you are also likely to come across publication and edition information as well as the book identification number.
It is not all books that have dedication. However, for those which have, the dedication just follows the copyright page.
There are authors that prefer including a quotation on the front of the book. The epigraph may also face the first page of the entire text of even facing the table of contents.
Table of contents
This is basically a listing of the various divisions present in the book. This includes book chapters and parts if included.
Here, the author gets to appreciate all that made the publishing of the book become a success.
The author gets to explain the main objectives and the purpose of the published work. The author also gets to define the scope of the book
If the book is a work of fiction, the author gets to set the scene of the story and gets to define the voice of the characters present in the book and not the author’s voice. Learn more from


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