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Posted by on August 20, 2018


In general, there are two types of fiction which are commercial and literary fiction. These fictions have differences that affect a book’s packaging, reading, and marketing. Commercial fiction is a fiction with a wider appeal and ability to sell many copies of a work. Commercial fiction is written in such a way that average readers can access and most likely enjoy the writing. Readers of commercial fiction are expectant of certain aspects and an author who understands these needs gives it to them. Commercial fiction is not necessarily below the intelligent level of literary fiction but it is easier to read as well as more relatable. Stories in commercial fiction are more plot-centered, fast-paced and there is more action in place, the reason why it is easier for commercial fiction to adapt in featuring a film. Commercial fiction mostly deals with comparably simple and straightforward themes which are universal. Most people like reading stories under this fiction because they are more exciting. This kind of fiction attracts more than one category of readers regardless of their age and is thus considered mainstream.


Literary fiction focuses majorly on internal conflicts than exterior happenings. The fiction lays much emphasis on prose other than the on-point storytelling as it is the case with commercial fiction and is more character-driven and not much concerned with a fast-speed plot. Due to the well-crafted characters, they have page-turning plots. Readers of literary fiction are interested in exploring issues, ideas as well as insights highlighted through the writings. Literary fiction writers are excellent with a good mastery of words. Writings with literary fiction may be hard to sell since they are not easily defined and they may appear less exciting, go here to know more!


Upmarket fiction bridges the gap between commercial and literary fictions. It has the ability to penetrate book clubs, engage in discussions and come up with a product. It creates a platform for literary and commercial fictions to win. The word upmarket fiction has trended in the industry of literacy for a long time. However, the term only got to attract the attention of writers and publishers in the recent times. This gradual empathy is due to the versatility of the fiction. Read more claims about upmarket fiction at

Books falling under this genre excessively satisfy the reading thirst of many audiences thereby providing a great base of readers. Upmarket fiction combines the most outstanding literary and commercial fiction. Upmarket fiction is gradually altering the dynamics of classification of genres which publishers and writers gladly embrace, click here to get started!


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