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Posted by on August 19, 2018

In a narration, there are three main varieties of the point of views. A narration is a process of conveying a story to the audience through writing or speaking. In narration, the author presents the story using; the narrative point of view, narrative time and narrative voice. The narrative time is the way the past, present and the future are placed in the narrative. These narrative voices are the format of communicating the narrative. In this article, we shall focus on the narrative point of view. The point of view gives a description of the position of the narrator. The following are the types of point of view in narratives.

The first point of view is the First-person point of view. The story is narrated by one character. Most of the time, the character is speaking about himself/herself but he/he may be informing the audience about his/her experience. The first-person point of view is indicated by the use of ‘I’, ‘Me’or ‘We.’ The first person enables us to see only the point of view of a single character. Although the characters in a narration may have more behaviors, we only identify the behavior that the narrator knows about. In first-person, the narrator may offer unreliable information and this is why he/she may be called an unreliable narrator. The first person is used in case of an interior monologue or dramatic monologue.

The second point of view is the Second-person point of view. The narrator uses the word ‘you’ while talking to another character. In a book, the author can talk to the audience using the word ‘you’ and ‘yours.’ In order to involve the audience in a story, the second person point of view is employed. In fiction, the use of the second person enables the audience to feel as if they are part of the story. Some authors also use the second person in order to keep a distance between themselves and their actions. Read more about POV at

The last point of view is the Third-person point of view. In this point of view, the narrator is not part of the story. The words he, she, they or it are used. Use of the third-person in fiction makes the narrator become all-knowing. The main types of third-person are; third-person limited, third-person multiple and third-person omniscient. In third-person limited, the narrator only has information about one character. In third-person multiple, the narrator is able to talk about more characters. In third-person omniscient, the character knows everything. Click here to get started!


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