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Posted by on August 16, 2018

As all home chefs know, it takes time to perfect the skills that professionals make look so easy. One such skill is slicing food into neat and precise sections. Try as one may, it takes a fair amount of talent to cut the perfect recipe or portion sizes, regardless of whether one is simply chopping up ingredients or wanting to perfect their Homemade Bread Slicing. Fortunately there are cooking aides available on the market that can help even the sloppiest of knife wielders achieve perfectly sliced breads, vegetables, and meats, making recipes more precise and allowing them to reveal a very attractive meal presentation.

A Valuable Kitchen Tool

Although baking bread doesn’t seem like something one would do on regular basis, there are countless people across the country who are currently dealing with gluten intolerance. One thing these individuals quickly discover is that it is much more economically sound to purchase gluten free bread mixes and personally bake loaves than opt for the pre-made, ready-to-eat version. To top things off, these gluten free bread mixes typically come in a smaller serving size so it is vital that nothing goes to waste. This is where a homemade bread slicer makes the perfect kitchen utensil. Allowing the user to cut their bread at varying thicknesses without fear of smashing the loaf or crumbling a slice during the cut, the bread cutter provides the perfect guide to create unblemished slices of homemade bread.

Not All Slicers Are Created Equal

There are plenty of bread cutting devices on the market that are made from cheap, breakable materials. Rather than waste money on something that might easily split apart, home chefs should invest in a loaf bread slicer that has proven durability. This can be found in slicing guides that are built with hardwood materials like maple or birch and contain a polyethylene plastic base. These strong materials can withstand abuse from knives and can be easily cleaned up. In addition, these products have rubberized footing on the bottom so that no damage is done to a countertop while bread is being sliced.

A Reliable Space Saver

Many individuals avoid purchasing a bread slicer because they feel like it will be yet another item that just takes up valuable counter space. This is why some companies have developed slicing products that fold down into a nice, storable kitchen tool. This design might cause some people to worry that repeated usage will cause the folding mechanism to wear out, which can happen on a cheaper version, but there are higher-quality products that employ a spring loaded system to lock the cutting guides in place. Users can have confidence that the loaf they are working on will be held snugly in place during every use and won’t have to fear any jagged cuts due to the guides being out of alignment.


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