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Posted by on November 28, 2018

Finding a job that is both enjoyable and lucrative is something most people are passionate about. In the past, people had a handful of options when it came to how they could sell products to the general public. Since the invention of the internet and the rise of online stores like Amazon, sellers now have numerous options when it comes to advertising their products.

If a person decides to use the Amazon forum to sell their products, they will need to work on driving traffic to their product listings. While this may sound like a relatively easy process, it can be complicated for new sellers. The following are some of the things a person needs to do to drive more traffic to their Amazon product listings.

Understanding What the Competition is Doing

Before a seller makes a plan of action regarding the promotion of their Amazon listings, they need to run a competitor analysis. With the information from this analysis, a seller will be able to see what they are truly up against. When looking at a competitor’s listing, a seller needs to look at the reviews they have.

By seeing what problems current customers of a competitor are having, a seller can avoid making these same mistakes. A seller will also need to look at what avenues a competitor is using to promote their listings. Using other forms of marketing can help a seller edge out their competition over time.

Be Sure to Encourage Reviews

One of the best ways for a seller to increase both traffic and conversions is by prominently displaying customer testimonials. Most tech-savvy consumers spend time looking over the reviews a seller has received before making a decision on whether to buy from them.

Encouraging customers to leave reviews is a great way to increase the number of reviews a page has. Successful online entrepreneurs like Brock Johnson claim that reviews are worth their weight in gold on online stores like Amazon.

Building a legion of loyal buyers will require a lot of time and effort. Getting advice from successful sellers like Brock Johnson can help a person avoid mistakes along the way.

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