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It is common to plan ahead and make preparations for major purchases to get the best deal, wait for sales, and sign up to get special deals and offers. The result can be substantial savings. Many people do not use those same strategies to save money on a regular basis. Lowering costs on everyday items will not result in one limp sum of savings, but will add up quickly and help stretch the family budget.


The fact is that coupons save money. The idea of clipping coupons and bringing them along while shopping does not appeal to everyone. Fortunately, there are ways to take advantage of coupons without clipping and saving them. Copies of sale fliers are typically available at store entrances. Shoppers can use the coupons in those and also purchase items that are on sale. This will not save as much money as clipping coupons will, but there will be savings.

Another way is to utilize electronic coupons. Companies and manufacturers offer digital coupons on social media pages. Simply take a picture on the phone and show it to the cashier. Some coupons can be sent to the phone or email address automatically for those willing to provide that information. This requires very little effort and means coupons are always available as long as the phone is in a purse or a pocket.

Stock Up

Inventory, clearance, and special offers are the perfect way to stock up on non-perishable items. When that local grocery or department store has a buy-one-get-one-free sale, plan on going. Items from toothpaste to spaghetti sauce are essentials that will last a very long time. If there is no extra cabinet space, get a tote and place items in there.

Check out the clearance sections as well when shopping. Canned goods, linens, hardware, toilet paper, and gardening supplies are common items that are placed in clearance sections. That area may also offer birthday, graduation, or holiday gifts for pennies on the dollar. While gifts are not daily essentials, purchasing them little by little throughout the year will save both time and money.


The price of prescriptions, even with insurance, are out of control and cost people dearly. Most are cheaper when written for a three-month supply on maintenance drugs. Online pharmacies offer lower prices for prescription medications. Prescription Buy Contact Lenses Online are also less expensive. The savings enjoyed can be substantial. Compare prices first and make sure the pharmacy is licensed before ordering.