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Posted by on December 4, 2018

For any police officer or security personnel legally allowed to carry a gun around, the safety of you and other citizen is always a priority. As a weapon, of course, a pistol rifle cannot be carried on open arms or kept in a backpack or pocket for storage due to the many risks involved. For these reason, those who own and licensed to carry a pistol around consider buying inside waistband holsters so as to easily conceal the weapon and also keep it in a safe position to not accidentally shoot themselves or others while about their business and ultimately be able to easily draw the weapon and get ready for action when need be. To learn more about IWB Holster, click The article below shows a comparison between shoulder holsters and inside waistband holsters so as to make it easy for you to choose which one is ideal for you.
We begin with the shoulder holster which is usually strapped underneath your arm and round your back and chest. Shoulder holsters easily conceal the weapon underneath your shirt or coat and can hardly be detected especially by those who have little or no knowledge at all about a shoulder holster. It only takes a buttoned coat or shirt to actually ensure that nobody apart from you is aware that you are carrying a pistol rifle. To get more info, visit Iwb Kydex hokster. They work incredibly well for those who have to sit at the back of a desk or in a patrol car for hours since you cannot place the gun at your waist which will distract your sitting position and comfort which makes the shoulder holster better in terms of comfort. With shoulder holsters, you can also be able to carry ammunition on the opposite side so as to feel more secure while out there ensuring security for you and those you are eligible to protect.
Moving on to the inside waistband holster, this is also known to be an incredible holster and one that is widely used globally. With this type of holster just as the name suggests, the holster goes into your waistband and you attach it to your belt to secure it and keep it in position. While using the inside waistband holster, the weapon is almost completely concealed only leaving the grip part out for you to easily draw the weapon. This is the feature that makes the inside the waistband holster very popular since it gives you very quick draw time ability and also keeps the rifle out of sight from people out there. The other thing about the inside waistband holster is that you can dress in whichever method you want as long as you have something to go over the holster and cover the grip part making it quite convenient for all users especially those who are almost always on the go. Learn more from


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