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Posted by on February 4, 2019

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Descent ice cooler from a brand who’s about ‘Fun in the Sun’

The primary thing we’ll state about Driftsun coolers is that their quality shocked us. Considering the reality we’d never known about them and they have practically zero showcasing/promoting, we accepted it wouldn’t be excessive of an audit.

Incidentally, however, the coolers truly aren’t half terrible – and best of all, they’re economical.

Like we referenced in the introduction, Driftsun produces a wide scope of mid-year ‘grown-up’ shoreline toys – they put scarcely any accentuation whatsoever on their picture or brand name, so in such manner they’re somewhat the inverse of YETI who’ve turned into the undisputed picture lords of the open airway of life.

For example, you presumably won’t hear any bad-to-the-bone seekers/anglers/outside individuals saying, “Man look at this new Driftsun I just got!”

In any case, if things like picture, notoriety, and brand names aren’t essential to you (or in the event that you simply like sparing a great deal of cash) you may truly need to think about a Driftsun – they’re about a large portion of the cost of other rotomolded coolers, and they perform entirely well, everything considered.

Development, Performance, and Features

Much the same as YETI and the various best names, Driftsun coolers are worked with rotomold innovation and have around 2″ of mechanical review protection sandwiched between the thermoplastic inward and external layers. They’re extreme, tough, and you can anticipate that they should hold ice for around 3-5 days.

They won’t really beat a YETI, yet they’ll come darn close, and they have all a similar premium highlights that the business has generally expected a decent rotomolded cooler to have, as:

  • Hardcore rubber treated GorillaGrip ™ feet
  • 360-degree ThermalLock cooler gasket
  • Sasquatch quality elastic T-band hooks
  • Military review surface grasp handles
  • Secure/latch openings for secure capacity
  • 4 worked in cupholders

Driftsun Arctik Series: Prices, Models, and Sizes

Driftsun’s lineup of rotomolded refrigerators is known as the Arctik Series (no that is not a mistake), and they’ve at present got four unique sizes accessible: a 25-quart, 40-quart, 60-quart, and 85-quart.

Each unique size is accessible in either tan or white, and the coolers have an entire 1-year guarantee (not the best on the planet, but rather not all that awful for a reasonable fridge. Other comparative brands have just a 60 or 90-day guarantee).

To the extent costs, all things considered, Driftsun Coolers are about 40% less expensive than YETI. They’re entirely tantamount in cost to RTIC, yet the beneficial thing about them is that you don’t (at the season of this composition in any event) need to stress over them being put in a raincheck for.

Our Reviews:

Overall Driftsun cooler is good because of their features like gorilla grip, thermal lock etc. If you want to read more reviews then click on Driftsun Cooler Reviews. Here you find more reviews on their features.


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