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Posted by on November 21, 2018

 One common and popular way of using the mala beads is to track Japa meditation.   It assists one to keep track of the japa, whether you are whispering or chanting as you trace the Japa Mala Beads with your fingers.  It is similar to praying with the rosary beads.  Notably, meditating with the japa mala also assists in slowing respiration and encourages well-being.  As you repeat the mantra of your choice, you redirect the mind from obsessing and also introduce positivity and positive thoughts.  Similar devices as Japa Mala Beads are used in other varieties of traditions including Hinduism, Buddhism, and even Jainism and Christianity. To get more info, visit Japa Mala Beads. Mala can, therefore, play a significant role in your meditation practice.  There are various ways you can use a Mala.
There is “Gift a Mala” where you can decide to buy the mala and give it as a gift to either a loved one or friend.  You can give it to commemorate events such as completion of a degree, finishing yoga training classes, birthdays, anniversaries or just as a treat. You can also honor yourself. You can purchase a Japa Mala Beads and set them on your yoga mat to either help you to maintain focus and motivation.  You could also decide to purchase a Mala and era it on your necklace to honor something like an accomplishment, intention or even desire.  You can also choose to celebrate creativity with community members. To get more info, click meditation beads. You could select a special color or stone or color and then gather some friends from the community and string the beads in the community.  You should then bless the mala with good wishes and intentions.
For practicing meditation, you could begin by setting intentions and goals of doing it.  You can then ensure that the beads are your grounding element as you follow them while you are reciting the words.  AS you meditate, it is critical that you ensure you are as comfortable as possible.  You can, for instance, use a comfortable seat.  Next, you should select a mantra that speaks to you.  You could choose, a mantra like om, I love myself, I’m in the right place.  You should then hold the mala beads on one hand, allowing the mala to dangle easily as you ensure that you have touched the guru with the opposite hand. Ensure you repeat the mantra by whispering or silently, or even out loud as you move the fingers to the next bead. You should continue until you can feel the guru bead once more. Learn more from


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