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Posted by on August 14, 2018

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The USB port is a universal  or standard serial port that allows us to connect a variety of devices and peripherals to our desktop computers and laptops including printers, keyboards, and other important components. The USB port can also be used to charge devices and transfer files from one computer to another using a flash drive. Over the years, USB connectivity has changed. To get more info, click USB to serial. USB 3.0 is the current standard, but earlier computers and devices may have used other types of connections, including serial connectors, RS232, firewire IEEE 1394 and earlier versions of USB. If you have devices that use any of these connectors you will need to find high quality USB accessories to run these devices with newer equipment.
Today, we depend on USB connectors to run, charge and transfer files from a wide array of devices, including phones, cameras, surveillance cameras, and monitors. Over the years, the connectors have changed a great deal. For instance, most monitors once plugged into computers using a connection called RS232. Those of us who want to connect an older monitor to a new desktop computer, however, will find that this connector is no longer furnished. Instead, they will need to find a USB to RS232 adaptor to run that particular monitor.
One of the most important uses for USB is in charging devices. We now use so many devices that charge through USB ports that we never seem to have enough available ports to charge all of our devices. This is when a USB mountable hub will come in handy. Having the ability to mount a 4 port USB hub on the wall will allow you to charge several devices simultaneously, leaving your computer’s USB ports open to run devices and peripherals.
Another use for a USB connection is to power and run small surveillance cameras throughout our homes and businesses. To get more info, visit USB 3.0 Hub.  However, it is rare to purchase surveillance cameras that have long enough leads to run throughout your home or business. To handle this problem, what you need is a USB type nest cam extender cable set. This will allow you to power and run all of your nest cam surveillance cameras throughout your home or business.
If you are interested in learning more about USB accessories, including USB to serial adaptors, USB to RS232, USB to RS422, wall mountable USB hubs and nest cam USB extender cables, all you have to do is visit the website of a company that supplies a variety of USB accessories. To get started, all you have to do is perform a search using your preferred search engine for USB accessories. Learn more from


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