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Posted by on February 27, 2019

Investors are frequently advised to diversify their portfolios so the investments will perform better under a wider variety of market conditions. Focusing an investment portfolio on any industry or asset class too intently will mean exposing it to the danger of severe devaluation in the event of associated difficulties.

At the same time, a well-diversified portfolio can also produce larger returns than others even when market conditions are generally favorable. While portfolio diversification can be difficult work to carry out, it often produces enough in the way of benefits to make it the best available option.

Generally speaking, there are two basic ways to diversify a portfolio effectively. One is to allocate resources to types of assets that are not currently well represented. The other is to incorporate fundamentally new and different investment approaches into the mix that currently makes up a portfolio.

A Two-Pronged Approach to Portfolio Diversification That Will Appeal to Many Investors

Of course, these two general approaches can also be combined in a wide variety of ways. An investor with a stock-heavy portfolio who is interested in diversifying into precious metals, for instance, might be well advised to add an appropriate selection of gold futures instead of buying the shares of mining companies.

For many investors today, one especially attractive option is to find a cannabis investment opportunity that will also add a new approach to a given portfolio. Among all the popular alternative assets at the moment, cannabis seems like a great choice to many investors who are seeking impressive returns and are willing to tolerate some risk.

For just about any approach to investing cannabis assets can make for good additions to portfolios. At the same time, it can be beneficial to look beyond publicly traded stocks to diversify a portfolio in another crucial way.

For investors who are appropriately qualified and situated, a private equity investment in the cannabis industry can end up being the best possible solution. As private equity projects are not constrained by the full range of forces that restrict publicly traded companies, adding a stake to a portfolio will diversify it in another substantial way.

Plenty of Growth Potential

Naturally enough, even investors who appreciate the diversification that such moves can enable will want to be sure that potential for significant returns exists as well. That should not be an issue, however, because many experts now believe that among alternative assets cannabis ranks very highly with regard to its future prospects.

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