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Posted by on May 10, 2018

When initiating your claim for a car accident, it will be very necessary for you to observe how it is that you are talking with insurance companies. Numerous individuals share a lot of information as the process of accident claim begins. Individuals have the notion that being cooperative as well as open with the insurance firms will lead them to get more compensation from the car insurance claim which is wrong. When initiating a claim for a car accident, the insurance form will most likely inquire form your multiple questions which are well designed to reduce the amount that you are going to earn as a settlement. This article will provide you with some questions that you should be very careful as you answer them during the car accident claim.

The first question that will be probably asked to you is how you should have avoided the accident that happened. This query already assumes that the occurrence of the accident was due to your fault. The amount of compensation that you get will be dependent on how much fault you had in the accident. The higher the fault is, the less the money you will receive as compensation from the car accident claim. In case the insurance firm gets you to declare that you were involved in the occurrence of the accident even at a small percentage, then this will reduce the amount of compensation which you will pay in the claim. The right answer to this question is say that there is no way you could have avoided the accident since you were crashed into by the other driver.

The second question that insurance firms will ask is whether you had previous injuries prior to the happening of the accident. Insurance firms will only inquire about old injuries so that they will associate the current injuries that you suffered from the past injuries you had. This will make it look like the personal injuries suffered were resurfacing of the old injuries you had. For this reason, the insurance firm will claim not liable to pay for old injuries that were not suffered during the accident. Ensure that you don’t give information about any previous injuries that you had suffered before the accident. The right answer that you should give for this question when asked is that you are not at any way to discuss the injuries you have at the moment. Say that you will have to speak with your doctor before giving any information about the injuries.

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