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Carbs in chicken tenders

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It’s dinner time. Mommy is running late and Junior tells you, “Daddy, I sooo hungry.” Unless you are a chef on the Food Network or are gifted in the kitchen, this could be an intimidating situation.

My wife and I, indeed, go there for the food. There is a variety of victuals there, with a good price range. How about some gourmet mac and cheese chicken nuggets nutrition if you are a fan of that kind of thing for an entree? I love mac and cheese. Although the $8.99 you will pay sounds kind of steep–remember, it’s gourmet macaroni and cheese, which is bound to be a bit expensive. More than likely, you get a lot of it, and since it’s gourmet, it tastes better than normal. Mind you, I have never tried it, I intend to. For that kind of money, it’s probably very good.

Man can’t survive on meat alone. So how about some veggies, a simple veggie tray works great, place out some baby carrots, celery sticks, grape-size tomatoes, and spicy radishes. Make a quick dip.

Convenient canned goods- Saving money on food can be done by bulk-buying canned goods. Most people do not stock up with canned goods because they would need to use the content all up once they are opened. However, the trick behind saving on canned goods is by choosing the ones which you can finish on your own but are available in family-sized multipacks. It doesn’t matter what it is you wish to buy you will always find low carb chicken tenders multipack canned goods in grocery stores.

Or if you wish to go with what’s healthy, try their stir-fry. At a restaurant of this nature, you would expect to pay between $10 and $15. But would you believe that this healthy meal only costs between maybe $9.99 if you want the vegetarian type and $11.99 for the chicken–which sounds good to me–and $10.99 for the portabella.

Some of their appetizers, however, can be somewhat steep. Chicken wings, for example, can run $7.29, and jerked Carbs in chicken tenders can go for about $8.29. However, have you checked out their chips and salsa, for only $3.99? So appetizing you will probably be tempted to eat so much that you will probably fill up on that alone if you are not careful! I know my wife likes that.

You can start at the salad ingredients and make wither a Caesar or a tossed salad. Return this to your table and go and get a bowl. You now head toward the serious food. The idea is to fill your bowl with all the things you would like stir-fried for your meal.

Corn Mazes: There are several corn mazes to find your way out of in Rhode Island. Try Johnston’s Salisbury Farm, the popular Confreda Farm in Hope and Escobar’s Highland Farm in Portsmouth.

carbs in publix fried chicken tenders

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