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Posted by on September 5, 2018

We all know the health damages that dust particles can cause especially on people with breathing complications such as snoring and asthma. This justifies the rising number of carpet cleaning service providers that are dedicated to ensuring you have a clean living environment in your household. If not for anything else, carpet cleaning will help remove pollutants that are trapped on the fiber. When you have a carpet in your house, you could be harboring any of these pollutants: dust particles, lead pollution, pet dander and cockroach allergens to mention but a few. Airborne gases that are toxic can also get trapped within indoor carpets. The worst thing is when you have all these pollutants, and your HVAC system is on.

Are you experiencing extremely high energy bills; it could be because of your dirty carpet. Here is how; see, HVAC systems tend to trap in these dust particles and over time if no maintenance is done, their performance is compromised. Every time you switch on your unit, it means the energy will be used twice as much. Check out Lake Orion’s number one upholstery cleaning service.

You expect any little activity on your carpets such as walking or vacuuming to release the toxic gasses that are already trapped on the carpet which ultimately leads to air contamination. The good news is you can avoid air contamination by having professional carpet cleaning companies come and do their job of killing the bacteria by use of good quality cleaning detergents and specialized cleaning equipment. The other instance where professional carpet cleaning services are necessary is when there is dust mite infestation in your home. Unfortunately, most homeowners are rarely aware of this infestation since dust mites are microscopic in nature. It is important to note that dust mites in themselves are not the problem, but the feces and particles they leave behind are.

Due to the microscopic size of these particles, they can easily be inhaled anytime the area has some form of traffic; which can worsen allergies. How about you bring in professionals to get rid of these tiny particles through professional cleaning techniques like the famous steam cleaning. Last but not least, you want carpet cleaning done when you live in extremely humid areas as it means your carpet could be prone to mold growth. Dirty carpets are the perfect breeding ground for mold when exposed to moisture. Again, only a professional cleaning company will know the right carpet cleaning supplies to use to ensure the carpet does not attract and trap in moisture. Get more information here.


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