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Posted by on November 30, 2018

Auto transport services enable you to move your vehicle from one place to the next. You can have the car moved to a different state, or another country, depending on which company you approach. If the destination route covers land, they dhal use trucks. But if the vehicle is from another continent, then ships shall be involved. To get more info, click car shipping quotes. These auto transport services come in different formats. You have a wide choice to make among them, so learning all you can about them shall help.
Open carrier service is the most common and most commonly used auto transport service type. It shall cover most of the auto shipping needs people have. It is also the cheapest alternative, which makes it quite popular among customers. The only drawback that it presents is the fact that the vehicle shall be exposed to the elements while in transit.
Enclosed carrier service takes care of the exposure issue that open carriers presented. The car shall be placed in an enclosed cargo van or container. This is usually used to transport high-end car models and vintage cars. Such vehicles need extra protection. Making repairs on a high-end model is an expensive affair. As for a vintage car, it shall not only be costly, but the damage might prove irreversible. This service shall cost more than what open carriers could ever manage.
You can expect these auto transport service companies also to offer door to door delivery. You shall have to tell them where to pick the car, and where to deliver it. They shall take care of the rest. Where it is not possible to deliver at your doorstep, they shall deliver it an agreed upon location.
There is also the terminal to terminal auto transport service. In this, you shall have to deliver the car to the nearest shipper terminal, and they shall transport it and deliver it to the terminal nearest to where you are expected to be. To get more info, visit reliable auto transport. When they get to the terminal, they shall keep the car in a storage facility. You are thus expected to pick the car up and drive to where you needed to.
There may be some variations to how different auto transport companies approach these services, but the concept remains the same. In case you feel you needed something different, you can talk to one of the auto shipping companies to see what arrangements can be made. You need to disclose the make and model of tour car and other vital pieces of info, to help them come up with a suitable solution. This is how you shall land the right auto transport services for your needs. Learn more from


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