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Posted by on October 18, 2018

With unused and unexpired diabetic test strips, you could make some extra money. There are so many people in the world suffering from diabetes. In fact, diabetes is the number seven cause of the death in the US.
There are so many people who are living with undiagnosed diabetes while others are pre-diabetic. There are also so many people who are not insured and don’t have the money for diabetes treatment. Where you have extra diabetic test strips, you could consider selling them as this is a legal procedure since you bought them on the counter and they were prescribed. To get more info, click cash for diabetic test strips. However, you are always limited to sell the diabetic test strips where you acquired them through Medicare or Medicaid.  In other words, it’s illegal to sell diabetic test strips that are bought and paid for by the Government.
There are so many reasons why a person can have extra boxes of unused and unexpired diabetic test strips. For instance, you could have changed your medical insurance company or cover and these policies are differently engineered. This could lead to having extra diabetic test strips boxes that are ready for resale. There are other instances where you had a diabetic loved one or family member who died and you will have to dispense the diabetic test strips that they had.
For you to have a customer ready for buying the diabetic test strips, you need to ensure that they are in a perfect condition. Basically, the strips should be kept on a cool place where there are no extreme temperatures. Additionally, you will have to maintain the lid tightly so as to jettison possibilities for the strips accessing moisture and debris. To get more info, visit sell your test strips. These would ruin the quality of the strops and they will eventually be useless.
There are other fundamental considerations to make and ensure that these diabetic test strips are not expired. The best time to sell the strips is when they are 6 or so months old. All the boxes should be intact and not recording any damages whatsoever. The boxes for these diabetic test strips need to be sealed.
The amount of money that you earn from these diabetic test strips is determined by some fundamental factors. For instance, there are so many brands available and these brands have their different prices. Therefore, the brand of your diabetic test strips matters lot. Also, you should consider the number of boxes that you have the diabetic test strips in a box. Therefore, ensure to be keen with the market value of the strips and make sure that they are not expired and are still having a good shelve life. Learn more from


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