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Posted by on October 18, 2018

Most diabetics have no idea that they can sell their extra diabetic strips for cash or any other thing that they can do with them apart from disposing them off. There are different reasons as to why diabetics can sell their diabetes test strips if they are not using them. Most of the diabetics, while buying their strips using mail from mail order organisations get more that they ordered for which leaves them with a lot of extra boxes. To get more info, click sell diabetic test strips. One may also need to sell the extra test strips because of changing test requirements like having no need for testing as often, having been given a different prescription by the doctor to a different brand which makes them have no more need for testing for various reasons.
You may also be having diabetic test strips which belonged to a loved one who might have passed away and need to sell them. There are many reasons as to why one can decide to sell diabetic test strips and one of them is that you will be helping other diabetics as you also get some extra cash. There are also different reasons why dealers who purchase diabetic strips do so and the main one is that they make money out of that. To get more info, visit sell your test strips.  Some other dealers may also do that with an aim of helping diabetics who are not able to pay the full price while buying at the pharmacy if they don’t have insurance to cover them, their insurance does not cover that or the amount is still too high even with the insurance. You can get very many reputable buyers on the internet that you can sell your diabetic test strips to and get some cash.
Most of the buyers purchase the strips at an amount between two and ten dollars per box and you could also get others who can purchase them for an amount almost double that amount. It is quite easy to locate companies or individuals who are willing to buy the diabetic test strips and most of them will refund the shipping cost you have spent on them. You should ensure that the strips that you sell are in boxes that are not opened or damaged and they should also not be expired and the best period should be six months or more before the expiry date. You can get buyers who will purchase strips that are short dated but they will pay a lesser amount of money for them. Learn more from


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