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Posted by on October 18, 2018

Many people do not know that they can actually resale test strips that they haven’t used. It is legal to resale test strips that haven’t been used and they belong to you. What it means is that you personally bought them or you got them as a gift. So long as the strips haven’t been tampered with or expired or unopened then you are legally entitled to resale. Your precaution being that the test strips aren’t yet about to expire. To get more info, click get paid for strips.  The most common query that users of these test strips have on its legit process. You cannot resale Medicare or Medicaid sample strips. These two items are not for resale. But most brands can be sold especially if they were from a pharmacy or drug store. You are allowed to resale as many test strips as you wish and the good fact is that it won’t be seen as being on a commercial issue.
Unfortunately, not every person who is suffering from diabetes, do get access to the recommended amount of diabetic strips required to maintain a good health. Diabetic test strips are in high demand, by people who are suffering from diabetes but cannot afford to purchase new test strips of diabetes. These enable the other patients with extra unused diabetic test strips to sell them out. Diabetic test strips are a necessary tool in the treatment of the disease.  To get more info, visit sell strips. Those people who find themselves with an extra quantity of diabetes test strips will opt to have a legal means of selling them off. Diabetes test strips don’t come cheap, and many people who have found themselves suffering from diabetes can’t be accorded a cover as most insurance company policies don’t provide enough diabetic strips as recommended by the healthcare provider.
The government actually does approve the re-selling of unused strips since it has realized that there aren’t enough test strips out there and which has constrained their budgetary allocation. Many people have fallen victims to a diabetic condition and most patients cannot afford to buy the new kit and with the new concept of having to get them in the street at a fair price has made the situation manageable. By the government making it legal for one to resell unused diabetic kits they have saved the situation and probably even the disposal of such essential kits. Poor disposal of such diabetic kits could also be harmful to the environment. So this could have been one of the reasons why the government took such a decision. Learn more from


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