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Posted by on March 17, 2018

Joseph James Rogan born in 1967, is an American stand-up comedian, commentator, TV host, podcast host and a retired martial arts expert having earned a black belt and 4 times state champion and a US open champion. He has won 4 MMA personality of the year and 2 consecutive Best TV Announcer awards. His likeness towards comedy was visible since his early life and started his career in stand-up comedy in mid of 1998.

He settled in New York two years later. He debuted in television career through a role play on NBC sitcom news radio. This lead to his success in many other shows such as ‘the zookeeper’ and the highly rated show ‘fear factor’. He currently runs the highly rated podcast named ‘Joe Reagan Experience’ which is also available on the iTunes stores. He is also a commentator in UFC.

Joe Rogan’s Net Worth: $23 Million

Joe Rogan’s net worth is said to be around $23 million.

Source of income

Joe Rogan’s fortune is a result of his expertise in multiple fields including martial arts, TV and podcast host, and actor. His annual earning is estimated to be in between $3-4 million. His per show income is said to be around $30,000 to $40,000 excluding sponsorships and backroom benefits. His salary as a commentator in UFC is not disclosed as yet and no reasonable estimates can be made.

House, Cars, and properties in Joe Rogan’s Net worth

Joe Rogan owns a luxurious home in Calabasas, California which is priced at $2,223,000 with just over an acre which includes five full bedrooms and a half, swimming pool, two fireplaces, and was built 1978. He also owns a $750,000, 1970 Barracuda car.

Net worth by year.


2012-2013            $35 million

2013-2014            $43 million

2015-2016            $53 million

His Rich lifestyle

Jon Rogan lives a healthy life and is often reported to go to the gym every day. He is also very transparent about his use of testosterone and human growth hormones at times and is often found bragging about it on his podcast during 2011. He is often termed a badass due to his alleged support for banned items such as marijuana and others. He lives a luxurious life and lives in a multimillion mansion in California and drives an expensive 1970s ride. He is very much up to date with the fashion world and manages to bag in a perfect spotlight every time he makes a public appearance.

Short Bio

The remarkable Joe Rogan was born on 11th August 1967 in Newark, New Jersey. He was raised as a Catholic and attended a Catholic school but he no longer follows any organized religion. He had a very tough childhood, moving from cities to cities which include Newtown to San Francisco to Gainesville Florida.

He lived with his mother and his stepdad since the age of six and decided to enter the world off martial arts due to the fear of being pulled on by bullies in school. He started his career in the entertainment industry in 1994 and elevated to a prominent position by 1999. He featured in his first acting role in 2011 and became a great success since then.

During 2008 Rogan announced during a radio show that he and his girlfriend had delivered a baby girl and in 2009 the couple decided to tie the knot together. He is often criticized for his open support for banned products such as drugs like marijuana which he considers harmless. His life is a perfect example of hard work and self-determination to succeed and serves as an inspiration for his fans.


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